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Finally, a book like this. This is exactly what I've been saying for a while. I'm adding this book to my wishlist.

The sweet, sweet taste of vindication. geplaatst ·5 dagen geleden
disnerdtobe commentaar gegeven…
Also very fitting that the author's name is Faith Moore. We need moore faith in the disney princesses, amirite? ·5 dagen geleden
JNTA1234 commentaar gegeven…
The meer I watched the interview/podcast the meer I felt like something was off especially in the way she'd talk about Pocahontas, Mulan and even Merida. She seems similar to Lindsay Ellis. To Lindsay every Disney movie is apparentally problematic and offensive except Beauty and the Beast.....because she likes it. It seems to be same type of thing with this girl. ·4 dagen geleden
JNTA1234 commentaar gegeven…
I agreed with het initial point that the anti-Disney critics and radfems don't represent the majority of us and should Disney stop trying to pander to them but she's definitely biased for sure. ·4 dagen geleden
BB2010 gaf me complimenten voor my comments
u won Round 34 of Best Lyric! geplaatst ·8 dagen geleden
Anyone who says that Hans is a weak villain clearly has never met Ted Bundy, I’m just sayin. Real villains do not come with a wolk of smoke behind them. They look like humans. They look like Hans. They may even look like Zac Efron (whoa that totally rhymes but was not intended). geplaatst ·15 dagen geleden
disnerdtobe commentaar gegeven…
Anna was almost in the same situation as Lily Collins in that film. ·15 dagen geleden
BB2010 commentaar gegeven…
And wasn’t Ted Bundy a real person too? ·14 dagen geleden
BelleRose829 commentaar gegeven…
I'm sure in private Ted Bundy wasn't smiling at his victims fondly wondering if they like him back XD ·10 dagen geleden