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doubletrouble7 zei …
hello folks,tori here well i been busy with work and family and vrienden and i'm going to be a dead mermaid for halloween. so what are u all going to be for halloween? i celebrated my late mom's birthday on oct 11th she's in a better place she was 67yrs old when she died in 2001.
so i hope i can get back with all my vrienden soon.
here's my emai
see u all-tori geplaatst één maand geleden 1
Seanthehedgehog commentaar gegeven…
I'm going as Han Solo. I got everything I need, except for a black vest. één maand geleden 1
cherl12345 zei …
Hi, Tori geplaatst ·3 maanden geleden
whatsupbugs gaf me complimenten voor my comments
Hi. I hope that u have a wonderful weekend. geplaatst ·3 maanden geleden