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an anime character that his/her name starts with letter H......

36 answers | my answer: Holo from Spice and wolf

Post a character who looks way younger than they are

31 answers | my answer: Holo from Spice and wolf She is really old

You're going on a crime spree! What anime character will be your partner in crime?

27 answers | my answer: Ein from Phantom of Inferno

Okay unique question. If u could actually buy an anime character(and they were all real) and of course once that anime character is bought there gone, and each character is meer expensive according to popularity, who would u choose?

28 answers | my answer: Holo of course

Post an anime character with Silver hair.

29 answers | my answer: Inner Moka

An anime boy with blond hair

44 answers | my answer: Oz from Pandora's hart-, hart

Post a cute anime guy in a dress.

9 answers | my answer: baka to test's hideyoshi kinoshita