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Manchester United u are still the best. I dont care that man city and liverpool beat us last season we can still do it this year. We have signed loads of great players and we will work well this jaar to get back. Louis busje, van Gaal is a epic manager so we can achieve. Come on UNITED!!! I would like to meet the team! xxx geplaatst een jaar geleden
supardana commentaar gegeven…
I think this season Manchester City of Manchester United will be the champion.Because other clubs are not consistence to get a point every match. een jaar geleden
Hi Cristiano I love u so much. u are the BEST footballer in the world and i would love to meet you. PLEASE add me! xxxxx geplaatst een jaar geleden
gennierocks1 zei over Zayn Malik
Zayn i love you!! u are the best out of 1D. I would love to meet you. When i came to see u in concert u were amazing u were epic at singing. Please add me! xxxxxx geplaatst een jaar geleden
One Direction i love u LOADS!! i was really hoping to meet u some time i have been to some of your concerts u are amazing!! PLEASE add me xxxx geplaatst een jaar geleden
Hi Justin! I love u loads u are an amazing singer and u are really funny! I would love to meet u because u are epic. Please add me!! xxxxxxxxxxxx geplaatst een jaar geleden
Kendall u are one of my faves from the kardashians (and jenners)! I wish i could meet you! Please add me geplaatst een jaar geleden
Hi Kim i think u are amazing! I would love to meet u some time! u are like my idol u and u and the rest of your brothers and sisters are amazing and so funny. I am happy that u and Kanye got married and your daughter North is so, so cute she looks like both of you. XXXXX geplaatst een jaar geleden
gennierocks1 commentaar gegeven…
Sorry forgot to say please add me!!! xxxxxxxx een jaar geleden
Kidzbop commentaar gegeven…
Kim please come to my house soon and please add me een jaar geleden
Khloe u are the best, u dont need to be worried, ashamed of anything negative. u are the bestest, kindest, funniest person i know!!! I would love to meet you! u are my idol. When ever u appear on KUWTK of any of the other shows i smile and u always make me laugh!!
Khloe keep it up and i love u loads and loads
xxxxxx geplaatst een jaar geleden