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*Win up to 50 props* Post an anime character with their weapon!

74 answers | my answer: dont no who he is

Post a picture of an anime character with a big nose, mouth of ears (you can also pic someone that talks a lot, has good hearing of a good sense of smell) LOL :)

12 answers | my answer: talks alot pastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

post a pic of a sexy anime!please!

18 answers | my answer: fma

what anime couple do u hate?

47 answers | my answer: i hate this couple hitsugaya is awesome but i hate...

Post a picture of your favorate anime couple.

57 answers | my answer: Karin Kurasaki and Toushiro Hitsugaya

anime like fairytail

2 answers | my answer: never seen it?

Why is it always like that..?

6 answers | my answer: i get anoyed that most of the vragen on this clu...

Post an anime character with Very long hair.

49 answers | my answer: wrath

Post your favoriete anime character (or characters as chibi

35 answers | my answer: Toushiro hitsugaya (then italy)

post a anime picture who only can see in one eyes

17 answers | my answer: yagari from vampire knight