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huchi zei …
Hello everyone

If u like me love reading then go to this site for the first 2 chapters of the fantasy saga Hidden Destiny. link geplaatst een jaar geleden
Stelenavamp gaf me complimenten voor my images
Thanks for the add. geplaatst een jaar geleden
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Sara92 gaf me complimenten voor my videos
Thanks 4 the add!! geplaatst een jaar geleden
huchi zei …
Hi how r u all. My name is Wendy (W.A.Case) I am the auteur of Hidden Destiny the Angel-May Saga. I love to read fantasy boeken and I love to write it as well, but I like to have a bit meer bite to my books. I know I’m not on here much but u can find me on face book.!/wendyhuchison
Please kom bij me and find out more.
Wendy geplaatst een jaar geleden
huchi zei over Twilight Series
I like the i films but the boeken are better. geplaatst een jaar geleden
Ninaa_ commentaar gegeven…
I think it's the other way around I kinda like the characters meer in the films :)) een jaar geleden
zeimed8 commentaar gegeven…
I agree with u that the boeken much better een jaar geleden
Lovehinagurl44 commentaar gegeven…
I agree the boeken are better. I started out watching the films first except I read all the boeken before breaking dawn came out. een jaar geleden
huchi zei …
The book trailer is only 5 minuten at the most which I know it is not much, but for the same reason as I write my #novels, it has become very important to me and I need to get it right. I want to toon everyone a small part of what goes on in my strange head and I hope that they will enjoy it and enjoy my #Angel-May Saga books. geplaatst een jaar geleden
huchi zei …
Spoke to #Group 62 a theatre/dramatic society in #Scunthorpe. (yes it’s the place I based my novels on with slight differences. Why? I think it’s because I grew up here and some of my happiest and darkest memories come from this small town.)
Group 62 have been kind enough to help me in my new Book trailer, when I start #rehearsals and #filming in January 2014. Now I know that I have everything covered and stressing about it has been less, thank goodness. geplaatst een jaar geleden
huchi zei …
Dark Wings coming out soon! geplaatst een jaar geleden
huchi zei over boeken to Read
A sizzeling read for xmas. on sale now at all amazone, amazon sites £4.11 as well as Kobobooks for £3.98
link geplaatst een jaar geleden