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what do u think about this photo?

11 answers | my answer: It's absolutely brilliant. The cool blue temperatur...

What's your opinion of the whole "Elsa being a lesbian" thing for Frozen 2? An interesting concept of a bad idea?

9 answers | my answer: I'm 100% in favor of it. Having a lesbian Disney pr...

Help! I want to know if u celebrate Holloween like go trick of treating for the candy and thats it is that bad? I wanna know because I just go for the candy and I'm a christian.

16 answers | my answer: Well, my family stays in and watches a movie. Plus,...
Beauty Products

What is the best makeup brand and which products do u like the best?

1 answer | my answer: I can't say the best brand in general since they're...
Harry Potter

Does anyone know J.K Rolling's emai adress?

4 answers | my answer: First off, u spelled the author's freaking name w...
Harry Potter

I heard this raunchy HP pick up line for a boy to say to a girl what do u think of it. I think its kind of funny.

14 answers | my answer: LMAO! Raunchy humor is the best! ;]
Harry Potter

Don't u think it's kinda funny that the Daniel Radcliffe spot has less fans than the Rupert Grint spot?

20 answers | my answer: Yes, I do. I'll always prefer Daniel.
Harry Potter

Would it be weird to wear a coustume if your seeing Part 2, but it's not the midnight showing?

16 answers | my answer: Screw haters. This is your LAST CHANCE to be a nutt...
Harry Potter

does harry and voldamort die???????????

8 answers | my answer: If u read the book, not only will u learn the a...
Harry Potter

28 complimenten

1 answer | my answer: Here ya go :) I cropped and colored it. There are a...