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twinklestar11 zei over Random
Why am i rlly moody lately? Why do i feel unwanted?
Why do i feel useless? Idk y i feel this way...... geplaatst één dag geleden 1
J_E_T commentaar gegeven…
Hormones ever heard of it. één dag geleden 1
J_E_T commentaar gegeven…
u going to be fine^^ fight this shit één dag geleden 1
Simmeh commentaar gegeven…
Same. één dag geleden 1
twinklestar11 zei over Random
This week went door fast.... Its friday. I go back to school
On Monday. Great geplaatst ·2 dagen geleden
GDragon612 gaf me complimenten voor my answers
just short online today for a few minutes
left some fanarts in your clubbie
happy Weekend enjoy them =D geplaatst ·3 dagen geleden
GDragon612 gaf me complimenten voor my answers
how dare u XD u will get some back volgende week
I am not around here the volgende 3 days(we are in the garden and playground!
have a beautiful Weekend my starchannie

buing buing ya Lion and Kat geplaatst ·4 dagen geleden
twinklestar11 zei over Random
Soooo i have v's tshirt.... Welllll i acedently ordered
Sugas tshirt. Oof mom might be mad if she finds out.
Well my sister acedenlty orderd a hatsune miku backpack
Soo whts the diffrence? geplaatst ·5 dagen geleden
J_E_T commentaar gegeven…
Why costing money when u can just print shirts XD ·4 dagen geleden
GDragon612 commentaar gegeven…
susu *-* ·4 dagen geleden
twinklestar11 zei over Random
I been told im a fake bts fan....... How? They helped me thru
Shit back when i found them. Im not thinking bad stuff about
Myself as much as i used to. They mean a lot to me. And i
Bought merch so i can be a better fan. And to support them geplaatst ·9 dagen geleden
zanhar1 commentaar gegeven…
Someone once told me that I wasn't a true Regina fan because I predicted that Regina had some good in her. Jokes on them... Basically people say that kinda shit for stupid reason and and are exactly why I wrote my true fan artikel days back. ·9 dagen geleden
CokeTheUmbreon commentaar gegeven…
I've been told I was a fake edm fan because I listen to The Chainsmokers. ·2 dagen geleden
GDragon612 gaf me complimenten voor my videos
Morning my Starchannie!!!
hehehehehehe ,but don`t wreck me back,you know u can kill me hard ><omg I got scared XD
I don`t know if u wreck me back XD I warn u u get it back hahahahha
I know our Beautiful and hot Kai has bday awee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so exited for their Comeback too awee!!!!
I know poor soobin,he must realx and Sleep alot and eat enough,hope he will get well soon!!!
poor busy casp >< thank u !!! Take care of u both geplaatst ·11 dagen geleden
GDragon612 commentaar gegeven…
we where all together such a good combo >< ·11 dagen geleden
GDragon612 gaf me complimenten voor my videos
good morningf my swet starchannie!!!
u got wrecked slayed !!
nope hun u will lost hehehehehehe
I warn u again XD,just kidding XD

thank you!! Have a beautiful Wednesday!!!

casp`s bday was yesterday;I didn`t know ><,can u wish him happy belated birtday and giving him a vrienden hug? geplaatst ·12 dagen geleden
GDragon612 commentaar gegeven…
I really miss him here ><it`s so quit without him!!!!!!!!!! ·12 dagen geleden
GDragon612 commentaar gegeven…
sweet <<<<<<<<<< ·12 dagen geleden
GDragon612 gaf me complimenten voor my polls
thank u so much for killing me again OMG thank u for all the mems and pics
I spam ya back be sure my twinklechannie !!!❤️🌸
have a sweet dag like you
muaaaah geplaatst ·13 dagen geleden
twinklestar11 zei over Random
I thought first dag of school was a maand away till the other
dag i saw soneone from my school post on her insta that therw
Was 16 meer days till school started. Its now 14 meer days.
great. Back to prison. This not the bts i wanted. I wanted bagtan
Not back to school. Reason why i dont want to go back is bc
Of someone that i used to be vrienden with and sonething happrned
Over summer. geplaatst ·13 dagen geleden