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vote for them for s3 award>> link geplaatst een jaar geleden
klarolinelove commentaar gegeven…
yes vote vote vote :) een jaar geleden
Happy Birthday Joseph morgan.. u will forever be known as mr klaus mikaelson~ geplaatst een jaar geleden
trevino cant play klaus meer than 3 episode because before this a lot of actors, writers and fans praise jomo for his potrayal as complex character like klaus. so surely trevino will be compare to joseph ..i just cant handle if trevino get a lot of hate. its not that i'm falling for him but i feel sorry for him because i think he's doing his best to mimic klaus attitude.. geplaatst een jaar geleden
sahour95 commentaar gegeven…
I think it would be very stupid of them if they kept Klaus as Tervino after a whole season of JoMo playing him. I mean it sticks the image of Klaus as JoMo and like u zei JoMo gave Klaus very special charactaristics and no matter how much Tervino tries to get it it will not be the same. So it's unfair for the character of the actor. Honestly if they don't bring JoMo as Klaus again I'd rather him dead een jaar geleden
iandamon2558 commentaar gegeven…
yea i just cant accept anyone but JoMo for klaus. iw ould rather have him dead of back to his own body. like i just dont see it as klaroline without joseph and candice's chemistry een jaar geleden
delenafrenchfan commentaar gegeven…
Get back JoMo pleasee :/ een jaar geleden
Talice commentaar gegeven…
Joseph will definitely be back. :D Julie zei his body didn't burn, and he'll want to get into his real body ASAP. :) een jaar geleden