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The world hasn’t always been ready for Laura Dern’s brand of furious women. This year, it definitely was.
Damon Salvatore A Vampire To Remember
Coel stars in season four's opener 'USS Callister'.
"We don't even think about it from a gender perspective and I hope that's progress."
It's official: everything's connected. Here's where Charlie Brooker might go next.
It seems fitting that Netflix would choose to end this particularly bleak and terrible jaar with a new season of Black Mirror.
Black Mirror is finally back with new episodes to haunt us all. The sci-fi anthology series is meant to make audiences vraag both our society’s relationship with technology and themselves.
televisie in 2017 has already been an embarrassment of riches, so it feels like overkill that we would be blessed with another incredible season.
Season four episode "ArkAngel" (now streaming) was directed door Foster, the first woman to step behind the camera for an episode of the Netflix anthology.
I can’t stop thinking about the best new episode of Black Mirror. Its official titel is “USS Callister,” it will forever be known as “The ster Trek Episode,” it is the most exciting motion picture space opera since Battlestar Galactica.
What happens when an anthology series does an anthology episode? The result is “Black Museum,” the season 4 finale, which features three seemingly separate stories being told, only to culminate in a powerful twist.

"Could we do a story with no dialogue at all? That was the first thought."
Yeah. So. We didn't see this one coming.
Netflix is ending 2017 door deciding to scare the pants off its subscribers with a new round of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker's technophobic look at a twisted future.
And yeah, that space bouffant was her actual hair.
It’s that time of jaar again: time to get the pants scared off of u door terrifying tales of technology run amok. Yes, friends, Black Mirror is back.
Note: This story discusses story elements of the Black Mirror episode “Metalhead.”
Note: This story discusses spoilers from the Black Mirror episode “USS Callister.”
Note: This story discusses spoilers from the Black Mirror episode “Arkangel.”
Note: This story discusses spoilers from the Black Mirror episode “Crocodile.”
Season 4 of Black Mirror hit Netflix on Friday, and it kicks off with a truly spectacular episode.
It’s incredibly easy, and almost always funny, to mock Black Mirror’s slightly smug, moralistic formula.
Looks like Charlie Brooker’s also had some trouble getting over “San Junipero.”
Once u understand where “Crocodile” is heading, it’s already too late.
As with any short-story anthology, Black Mirror can oscillate between rapturous peaks (“San Junipero,” “Fifteen Million Merits”) and less-impressive valleys.
Tá an Ghaeilge i gcónaí! / Always the Irish (Gaelic) language!
Although this book isn't published fully. Lots of chapters are left. I'll try to update them but plz read my poems. Love u all. THANK YOU!
Although this book isn't published fully. Lots if chapters are left. I'll try to update them but plz read my poems. Love u all. THANKYOU!
door Rick Marshall for Digital Trends, December 2017.
The Aquaman movie's page on the DCEU Wiki.
Plot details, cast and production info on Wikipedia.
Cast and crew info, photos, videos.
Éire go brách! / Ireland forever!

The Steam page of the game. Another place where u can download it.
The official website of the game. This is where u can download the game.
Akagami no Shirayukihime
Charlie Brooker might've unintentionally ripped off Karl.
Spoilers! Brooker reveals all about the big twist, changes made to the script and that ending.
This dark thriller is absorbing, but the tech twist doesn't quite click.
Jodie Foster's episode proves how much uncharted territory there is for the series to explore.
This is the series at its most unblushingly Hollywood.
Well, this is bleak.

Helicopter parenting gone mad is the commentary du jour in “Arkangel”.

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The forthcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will mark the end of Param and Simmi's chapter. Param and Simmi's life imprisonment brings an end to their evil conspiracy against Raman and Ishita.
The official Skybound The Walking Dead Twitter account has informed us that season 4 is going to be "incredible", which pretty much guarantees it won't be fuck everything.
Guess who the winner is, u sorry shits!
6 STYLISH IDEAS FOR YOUR LOGO DESIGN like Complete Assessment of Your Client’s Business, Traverse Multifarious Design Websites, Appropriate Monitoring of Competitors’ Business.
CBR looks at 15 of the Man of Steel's most powerful abilities and ranks them from weakest to strongest!

Read the fanfiction called Nightmares
Akagami no Shirayukihime
"I hope that we eventually unwrap that candy."
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Billboards for the Bellas farewell tour
Billboards for Daniel Day-Lewis' final film
Cool ads for the new film directed door and starring James Franco
Includes trivia, pictures, linken and merchandise.

A famous archer — Cupid — will be aiming his bow at Once Upon a Time‘s Regina when Season 7 resumes in March.
War approaches, like the sound of distant drums in the darkness. Harald and his bride Astrid chase each other through the forest, almost just finally about to make something like love—but they’re interrupted door an approaching fleet.
Tatiana Maslany won’t be striking a pose.
The 13th week nominations in Bigg Boss 11 witnessed Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma being the unlucky ones. Priyank seems to be stronger than Luv. So, Luv Tyagi's eviction from Bigg Boss 11 won't come as a surprise to us.
Kartik becomes Santa in YRKKH during the Christmas party hosted at Goenka house. Raghav shows the abortion meld and Dadi throws Naira out of Goenka house for the same reason.