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The Gifted is about to return for its seconde season. Could Marvel and FOX’s X-Men TV series bring a founding member of X-Force with it?
Taissa Farmiga‘s status as a modern dag scream queen is only going to be strengthened here in the tail end of 2018, with leading roles in both The Nun and “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” ensuring she has a huge jaar in the horror world.
Nobody seems to talk about “Preacher” all that much, even though it’s an adaptation of one of the greatest comic stories ever told.

Surprise, b–! Bet u thought you’d seen the last of this witch. Emma Roberts is back as her Coven character Madison in a new foto from the set of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, which marks the highly anticipated crossover.
The Doctor has found a home pagina in the galaxy far, far away.
Well this is probably gonna be a real awkward family reunion.

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OK, tell mama ASAP.
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A pregnant Hilary Duff aka Lizzie Maguire was spotted shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond in Studio City, Los Angeles, CA.
The Younger actress is expecting a baby girl 👶

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Express door Stefan Kyriazis
ComicBook / Marvel door KOFI OUTLAW
Whatsupbugs please kom bij my vrienden club and please ask your vrienden to kom bij there are only 2 fans

Alpha has found her Beta: Sons of Anarchy vet Ryan Hurst will recur during S9 as the second-in-command to the Whisperers leader (played door Samantha Morton). Cassady McClincy has been cast as Lydia, the daughter of Morton’s character.
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Gillian Flynn likes her female protagonists psychotic and her endings twisted.
In her recent book of essays Dead Girls: Surviving an American Obsession, Alice Bolin describes the characteristics that define the Dead Girl Show, a TV series kickstarted into motion door the untimely demise of at least one young woman
Messages are hidden all over Sharp Objects. There are hidden words, hallucinations from Camille’s point of view that appear for mere fractions of a second.
Gillian Flynn insists she never even considered changing the ending of Sharp Objects to shock faithful readers who had tuned in to the show.
Spoilers below for Sharp Objects.
Sharp Objects finishes on a dissonant, horror-movie note: one last scare that slithers into the frame when u thought it was over.
Spoilers ahead for Sharp Objects, obviously. You’ve been warned!
As we grow older as women, are we only destined to repeat the sins of our mothers and replay the stories of their lives for which they never were able to find resolution?
Spoilers ahead for the Sharp Objects finale.
Spoilers ahead for the Sharp Objects finale.
… So, that’s it?
The miniseries trended hot through this decade, radiating chic nihilism and Serious Drama-hood, murder, and melancholy. Like, when u hear the phrase “Limited Series Event,” u don’t immediately think “lighthearted.”
The auteur describes the creative choices behind Sharp Objects’ double reveal and why Led Zeppelin was crucial in defining the series’ sound. Contains spoilers.
The two executive producers discuss why they brought a story tonen women’s anger to the screen.

A deleted scene from season 4, episode 3 of The Flash, where Barry and Iris visit a potential wedding venue.

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RUMOUR has it Adele’s fourth album will be out volgende summer if her record label Sony gets its way.
We polled artists, critics and industry insiders to create a lijst of the era’s truly essential moments
Before she could have a career unlike any other pop star, she had to learn how to live
New online movie streaming site that Disney plans to bring out in 2019.