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If u use Spotify, here's a fun way to check out your year-end stats based on the muziek u listened to in 2017.

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The years that this season covered were the years that most impacted the future of the royal family and the people of England.

The writer says a cast reshuffle is possible, although it would be "very hard to top, boven Jenna Coleman".
Amidst all the chaos surrounding Laurel's early delivery and the possibility that Asher will go down for murder, it's easy to forget Annalise has a huge class action suit brewing on How to Get Away with Murder.
The last time we saw Lauren and Andy Strucker , they were being carted off door Sentinel Services with Dreamer and Blink after a failed attempt to bust some other mutants out of captivity.
Last week's Blindspot dropped a massive bombshell, even door Blindspot's standards: Jane (Jaimie Alexander) has a daughter somewhere out there!
Once Upon a Time revealed Rapunzel's (Meegan Warner) cursed identity and it completely changed the game.
But it won’t air in 2018, according to HBO chief Casey Bloys.
Who should play Bonnie’s parents?

Considering how often Weller almost dies each and every week on Blindspot, it’d make sense for him to change careers and find something a little meer veilig and secure.
There’s nothing Lady Tremaine won’t do for her family (and door family, that’s actually just Anastasia), and pretty much everyone in her life has to find that out the hard way on tonight’s Once Upon a Time.
Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Friday’s episode of Blindspot. Read at your own risk!

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Lennie James talks to about his transition to 'Fear The Walking Dead'.
Lennie James talks to about his transition into 'Fear The Walking Dead'.
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It’s happening: HBO’s not-so-limited series Big Little Lies is getting a seconde season.
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