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hallo Im Punky Nice To Meet You.
I Live In J-Town Ohio. It Pretty Much Sucks Here.
Im 17 Yrs Old. Im HomeSchooled.Im Almost Always Doing Sumthin Stupid & Random To Gain Attention Of Others.I Can Not Go A dag Without muziek Its What Keeps Me Going In Life Some Of My Fave Bands Are(Motly Crue, Misfits, Ramones).I Have The Most Amazing Family Who Are Alwyas There When I Need Them To Be. I LOve To Take Pictures I Guess Im What They Call A Camera Whore..lol. Im Not Shy And I Think Very Highly Of Myself Unlike Most Girls Im Happy With Who I Am And I Wouldnt Change Myself For Anything.Not Even A Boy....
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hallo Boys And Girls Im PunkyMonkey.
And All 10 Of u Will Be Compeiting For A Shot
At Love With Me.As Soon As I Get All The Contestants
Ill Post The First Challang.Alot Of The Comunicating
And The Ellimations Will Be Done On Aim So If u
Wanna Play And u Dont Have On u Should Probally Make One.Ill Be Sceduling Dates of Alone Time With One Boy And One Girl Each Day.Every Sunday 1 Boy And
1 Girl Will Be Elliminated. On Saturday Ill Post A Fourm Topic Telling Each Of u What I Thought About u During Our Alone Time Each Week.Also If U Wanna Play. u Need To Message Me So That I Can Add You...
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