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Angela Daniels, a 12-year-old girl from New Jersey, has been turning to Adam Sandler’s comedies over the past few months to keep up her spirits while undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

The young girl is suffering from ependymoma, a brain tumor that arises from the central nervous system and Stage Three brain cancer. During the process of undergoing 33 radiation treatments and three bouts of chemotherapy, Daniels has watched several Adam Sandler movies, including “Billy Madison” and “Big Daddy”.

Martino Cartier, a Washington Township hairdresser and founder of,...
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We all have dreams that we all hope will come true one dag regardless how strange or
unusual they may seem to other people. However, how many of us can say that we passed
up on a golden opportunity to accomplish that dream? A man who goes door the name
David Seth Cohen can actually say that he choked like a Dallas Cowboy quarterback when
that opportunity presented itself.
Working as a production assistant on the set of the Adam Sandler movie “Big Daddy”,
Cohen claims he had idolized Sandler for quite a long time. He also claimed that it was
a dream of sorts to actually hang out with the A-list Hollywood...
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