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 Only one NMB representative? I don't think so.
Only one NMB representative? I don't think so.
After reading the lijst of members for the volgende single 'No Way Man' I noticed that something was missing... NMB members. Yes Miru is in the lineup but it only her representing NMB. While other sister groups have meer than one representative except for STU.

Disclaimer: This was not done to hurt members included in 'No Way Man' but it was done to shit on AKS.

9. Kato Yuuka

Uuka is a regular NMB Senbatsu member. She was a contestant in Produce 48 but unfortunately due to the toon being rigged and biased to who could make it into the finals, she's didn't last long. Fortunately she has the fans to...
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#80: ambulance (AKB48 38th Single Coupling Song) (Yuri-Gumi)
#79: Bara No Kajitsu (AKB48 31st Single Cloupling Song)
#78: First Rabbit (AKB48 4th Album Song)
#77: Ima, Happy (AKB48 38th Single Coupling Song) (Bara-Gumi)
#76: Matsumurabu (Kaori Matsumura 1st Single)
#75: ONEW no Uwbaki (NMB48 Team N 3rd Stage) (Miru Shiroma, Miori Ichikawa, Rina Kondo)
#74: Team KIV Oshi (HKT48 Team KIV 1st Stage) (Ota Team KIV)
#73: Me ga Itai Kurai Hareta Sora (SKE48 9th Single Coupling Song) (SKE48 5th Generation)
#72: Arashi no Yoru ni wa (AKB48 Team B 5th Stage) (Miho Miyazaki, Mariya Suzuki, Yuiri Murayama, Tsuchiyasu...
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200: Yume No Kawa (Acchan's Graduation Song)
199: Omoidasenai Hana (French Kiss 6th Single)
198: Pinocchio Gun (SKE48) (Gomen ne, SUMMER' Coupling Song)
197: Minasan mo go issho ni (AKB48 Team B 4th Stage)
196: Finland Miracle (SKE48 Team KII 3rd Stage) (Yakata Miki (C), Yamada Mizuho, Furukawa Airi)
195: Hozhinora no Caravan (NMB48 Kenji Kitagawa Coupling)
195: RIVER (AKB48 14th Single)
193: Nando mo nerae! (Team N 3rd stage)
192: RESET (AKB48 Team K 6th Stage)
191: Sunahama de Pistol (NMB48 Single 'Virginity' Coupling)
189: Pioneer (AKB48 Team A 6th Stage) (Takahashi Team A)
189: Oshiete Mommy (AKB48...
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posted by RickStan
So as u may all know AKB is coming to NYC for Japan Day. I can't wait. I'm so excited to meet some girls (a few were selected to go). And it's Japan Day!!! I remember going last jaar and I thought the even was really good and fun. I want to meet them so I'll do my best to be free that day.

I hope u guys can come out for that day. And even if u don't really like AKB the festival is really fun and u get to learn a lot about Japan. u get to see an art contest. And the whole thing is really family friendly if your scared to run into something u would not want your parents to see u seeing it won't happen.

Wish our girls a veilig trip!!

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Block A :
Ichikawa Manami (AKB48 team A) vs. Kodama Haruka (HKT48 team H, AKB48 team K kennin)
Furuhata Nao (SKE48 team KII, AKB48 team A kennin) vs. Takajo Aki (AKB48 team B)
Kato Tomoko (SKE48 team KII) vs. Ogasawara Mayu (AKB48 team B)
Okada Nana (AKB48 team 4)
Okada Ayaka (AKB48 team 4) vs. Oshima Ryoka (AKB48 team B)
Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48 team KIV, AKB48 team A kennin) vs. Kitazawa Saki (AKB48 team 4)
Iwatate Saho (AKB48 team 4) vs. Fukuoka Seina (AKB48 team B)
Ishida Anna (SKE48 team KII)
Block B :
Gyouten Yurina (AKB48 team 8) vs. Sato Kiara (AKB48 team 4)
Minegishi Minami (AKB48 team 4) vs....
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1010. Futsuu no Anata (SDN48)

1010. Cachaça de jihaku suru (SDN48)

1010. Abazure (SND48)

1010. Tengoku no Door wa 3kaime no klok, bell de aku (SDN48)

1010. Shirokuro (Itano Tomomi)

1010. Boku no Sei (Itano Tomomi)

1010. Renai Heavy-kyuu Champion (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)

1010. Maruhi dokkiri de ikou (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)

1010. Saru no cimbaal, bekken (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)

1010. Fuku wo kita ousama (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)

1010. Chikatetsu no Teddy boy (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)

1010. Mamma, Grazie! (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)

1010. Migi e magare! (NMB48)

1010. Bowling ganbou (SKE48 Team KII)

1010. Deja Vu...
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#25: Choose me! (AKB48 15th Single Coupling Song)
(Kitahara Rie, Mukaichi Mion, Minegishi Minami, Sashihara Rino, Kuramochi Asuka, Nakagawa Haruka, Owada Nana )

#24: Warukii (NMB48 1st Album Teppen Tottande Song)
#23: Nusumareta Kuchibiru (AKB48 16th Single Coupling Song)
#22: Dakishimetal Kedo (NMB48 2nd Album: 'Sekai no Chuushin wa Osaka ya 〜 Namba Jichiku 〜. Song) (Sayaka Yamamoto)
#21: Nakinagara Hohoende (AKB48 Team K 3rd Stage) (Yuko Oshima)
#20: Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu (No Name's 2nd Single) (Mayu Watanabe, Haruka Ishida, Karen Iwata, Mao Mita, Sumire Sato)
#19: Natsu no Mae (HKT48's...
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 Watanabe Mayu comes out victorious at this years sousenkyo
Watanabe Mayu comes out victorious at this years sousenkyo
Congratulations to everyone who managed to rank. Also to the girls who worked hard this jaar but did not manage to rank.


01    Watanabe Mayu    159,854    AKB48
02    Sashihara Rino    141,954    HKT48
03    Kashiwagi Yuki    104,364    AKB48
04    Matsui Jurina    90,910    SKE48
05    Matsui Rena    69,790    SKE48...
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 Takamina: Sweet leader of Dark Lord
Takamina: Sweet leader or Dark Lord
Yes the titel seem crazy but please here me out on this. So if u ever watched any of the Harry Potter films u know that students get placed into separate houses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Voldemort was in Slytherin and so would Takamina.
I know what u may be asking, how could Takamina be in Slytherin when she's obviously a Gryffindor? Well here are some of the characteristics of a Slytherin; values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness.
Values ambition, Takamina was one of the most ambitious AKB48 member to date. Her dream was to perform in Tokyo Dome...
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0497. Asu mo waraou (Kashiwagi Yuki)
0497. Tane (no3b)
0497. Zutto mae kara (French Kiss)
0497. 7ji 12fun no hatsukoi (AKB48 Team A)
0493. Sakaagari (AKB48 Team K)
0493. 16nin shimai no uta (AKB48 Team K)
0493. Tsuyosa to yowasa no aida de (AKB48)
0493. Nante Bohemian (AKB48)
0491. Saboten to goud Rush (AKB48 Team A)
0491. Aozora no soba ni ite (AKB48 Team A)
0489. 1% (Itano Tomomi)
0489. Do Re Mi Fa onchi (AKB48)
0486. Banzai Venus (SKE48)
0486. Arigatou (AKB48 Team B)
0486. Manatsu no Christmas Rose (AKB48 Team A)
0481. Chotto nekoze (NMB48)
0481. Ramune no nomikata (SKE48 Team KII)
0481. Nante ginga wa akarui...
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posted by NagisaNoCherry
As of today the investigation is officially over. They found that no members were involved in the whole Maho case. So they're basically calling a victim a lair. Thank goodness MOST fans and the general public are not falling for this. How stupid do u take us. Maho went online to vent after management FAILED to do their job and investigate for over a month. She cried after being neglected and showed that there is favoritism when it comes to girls who come from a wealthier standing and meer powerful company.
We all are expecting Maho to graduate in the volgende couple of weeks. They already tried to paint her as a mentally ill woman. So yeah FUCK THE MEN. FUCK NGT. FUCK ASK. FUCK NIIGATA POLICE DEPATEMENT. AND FUCK THE INVESTIGATORS.

u all failed the person who was the victim in all this, Yamaguchi Maho. As of right now some fans might have forgiven u but we won't and door looks of it neither is the Japanese general public.
 Don't forget her face. Don't forget her voice. Don't forget her story. Don't forget Yamaguchi Maho!
Don't forget her face. Don't forget her voice. Don't forget her story. Don't forget Yamaguchi Maho!
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AKB48 Team A
Hiwatashi Yui (樋渡結依), age 15

AKB48 Team K
Nomura Nao (野村奈央), age 15
Kubo Satone (久保怜音), age 11

AKB48 Team B
Takahashi Kira (高橋希良), age 14
Nishikawa Rei (西川怜), age 11
Yamabe Ayu (山辺歩夢), age 13

AKB48 Team 4
Chiba Erii (千葉恵里), age 11

SKE48 Team S
Kamimura Ayuka (上村亜柚香), age 11
Isshiki Rena (一色嶺奈), age 13

SKE48 Team KII
Mizuno Airi (水野愛理), age 12
Shirai Kotono (白井琴望), age 12

SKE48 Team E
Sugawara Maya (菅原茉椰), age 15

NMB48 Team N
Hongo Yuzuha (本郷柚巴), age 12
Nishinaka Nanami (西仲七海), age 11

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Group Kennin Cancellations

Murashige Anna - NMB48 kennin cancelled

Kashiwagi Yuki - NMB48 kennin cancelled

Furuhata Nao - AKB48 kennin cancelled

Yagura Fuuko - AKB48 kennin cancelled

Ikoma Rina - AKB48 group exchange cancelled

Matsui Rena - Nogizaka46 group exchange cancelled

Kotani Riho - AKB48 kennin cancelled

Yamada Nana - SKE48 kennin cancelled

Tanaka Natsumi - SKE48 kennin cancelled

Kimoto Kanon - HKT48 kennin cancelled

Watanabe Miyuki - SKE48 kennin cancelled

Takayanagi Akane - NMB48 kennin cancelled

Team A

Takahashi Minami (General Manager)

Yokoyama Yui (Captain)...
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10. Sakura no hanabiratachi

Center: Takahashi Minami
Release Date: 2006.02.01

AKB48 first released this indie single back in 2006 with the original Team A as Senbatsu. With Takahashi Minami as center the song begins with the Japanese school klok, bell ringing. The song then begins to describe the last days of the spring calendar,which in Japan is when students graduate from school, and the blossoming of kers-, cherry blossoms. They also describe their classmates as looking like adults in their school uniform. Remembering both bitter and fun times they recall these days as feeling nostalgic. The song ends...
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#50: Haruiro no Tsubasa (Akita Kazue) (Former SDN48 Member)
#49: Dakishimechaikenai (AKB48 22nd Single Coupling Song)
#48: Soredemo Suki da Yo (Rino Sashihara's 1st Single)
#47: Kimi no Hitomi wa planetarium (AKB48 33rd Single Coupling Song)
#46: Dakishimeraretara (AKB48 Team K 5th Stage) (Asuka Kuramochi, Haruna Kojima, Mariya Nagao)
#45: Love Shugyou (AKB48 31st Single Coupling Song) (Minegishi Team 4)
#44: Koi Yori mo Dream (SKE48 15th Single Coupling Song) (Dasu, Tsuma, Mita)
#43: Himitsu no Diary (AKB48 35th Single Coupling song)
#42: Idol no Oujya (HKT48's 4th Single Coupling Song)
#41: Ima, Kimi...
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Girls who didn't apply :

Kojima Haruna

Iriyama Anna

Nakata Chisato

Matsui Sakiko

Abe Maria

Uchida Mayumi

Takeuchi Miyu

Murayama Yuiri

Kono Saki

Muro Kanako

Kinoshita Momoka

Kamieda Emika

Terui Honoka

Girls who refused to kom bij :

Matsui Rena

Kuramochi Asuka
Tanabe Miku

Takano Yui
Maeda Mitsuki
Tsuzuki Rika
Nakagawa Haruka
Chikano Rina

Girls who have announced graduation & didn't apply (even though they're eligible) :

Ikoma Rina (Kennin ends)

Kawaei Rina

Yamada Nana

Furukawa Airi

Abiru Riho
Morikawa Ayaka
Suzuki Shihori
Kusaba Manami
 From Team A Renai Kinshi Jourei stage today, after encore MC
From Team A Renai Kinshi Jourei stage today, after encore MC
Takamina: Kawaei has made her comeback to this theater stage today after 4 & 1/2 months. Please tell everyone about what you’re feeling standing on this stage today after all these time. Also a word to the fans.

Kawaei: The past 4 & 1/2 months have felt very long. I’ve kept everyone waiting for me for but, today, I’ve come back here and there are so many people, it’s somehow amazing, somehow very amazing…”

All: (laughs)

Takamina: Are u okay?

Kawaei: …I’ve received such wonderful gifts. The cheers, the eye-contact, the fans are so near. Standing on the theater stage like...
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 Translation door theloneliestavocado
Translation by theloneliestavocado
Surpassing our 1st-3rd gen senpai is difficult. But, I feel like I was able to tear down some “walls” this year.

It’s your first time in the “Kami 7”, congratulations.

Thank u very much! I ranked even higher than I imagined so I was shocked.

How were u feeling in the days leading up to the general election?
Last year, I was worried if I’d be able to make it into senbatsu, but this year, I didn’t care about my ranking as much and was feeling meer comfortable. Although I was thinking “I hope I can rank higher than last year”, I didn’t feel too pressured and I was able to stay...
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posted by noaetgfvc
An interview with the ex-AKB/SDN 1st gen member Sato Yukari, an interesting read.

Popular idol group AKB48 is about to hit their 9th jaar since their theater debut. One of the 20 members who stepped on stage first was first generation member Yukari Sato (25). She was ranked #15 in the group’s first general election and immediately got moved to their ‘older sister’ unit SDN48.

Sato shares some behind-the-scenes information about her time in AKB48 and SDN48. Check out the interview below!

Interviewer: I heard that your life was pretty hard back when AKB first formed in 2005.

Sato: Yes, that’s...
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CENTER Matsui Jurina (SKE48 Team S / AKB48 Team K)
Uno Mizuki (NMB48 Kenkyuusei)
Tano Yuka (AKB48 Team A)
Furuhata Nao (SKE48 Team E / AKB48 Team K)
Abe Maria (AKB48 Team K)
Kitahara Rie (AKB48 Team K)
Tsuchiyasu Mizuki (AKB48 Kenkyuusei)
Hirata Rina (AKB48 Team K)
Kamieda Emika (NMB48 Team BII)
Fujie Reina (AKB48 Team B)
Kikuchi Ayaka (AKB48 Team A)
Sasaki Yukari (AKB48 Team A)
Natori Wakana (AKB48 Team B)
Yumoto Ami (AKB48 Kenkyuusei)
Oba Mina (AKB48 Team B / SKE48 Team KII)
Oya Shizuka (AKB48 Team B)