Aladdin Which is your favourite scene from Aladdin?

Pick one:
"It begins on a dark night"
"One jump ahead"
Princess jasmijn
On the marketplace
jasmijn and Aladdin
Jafar and jasmijn
Aladdin and Abu in the prison
The cave of wonders
The lamp
Genie "Friend like me"
Prince Ali
"I am not a prize to be won"
"Just go jump off a balcony"
A whole new world
The kiss
Bye,bye Prince Abubu
"Jafar u vile betrayer"
Aladdin's struggle
The engagement
"The most powerful sorcerer in the world"
"And your beard is so...twisted"
The snake
Jafar the genie
"I choose you,Aladdin"
Happy Ending
 tiffany88 posted een jaar geleden
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