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x-missmckena-x posted on Mar 07, 2008 at 02:36AM
ok so recentyl ive had a bit of trouble wiht the gizzie fans basically a bunch of newbies have appeared and started kicking off on anyone who says they dont like gizzie and that they love alex izzie! well it got me quite worked up if any of you have been doing the recent ga picks anyway! it turns out anyway that on other sights they have been gettin grief, so we have to try and put our differeneces aside let them have their say we have our say and if anyone gives you grief just remind them that you didnt give them any you respect their opinons and they should respect yous!
thats all i had to say!

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een jaar geleden FashionVictim said…
I really agree with you. Those newbies don't know what Fanpop is. Here we respect the others opinion and we don't attack people for having a different opinion. It's wrong to call us stupid or non-intelligent just because we say how much we love Alex and Izzie together. We don't look just for the sex or for the body, we like them together because they really have a good chemistry.
I am not saying that all the Gizzie fans are rude but some of them really are. And of course that are some of Alex and Izzie fans evil, it would be impossible all the people be nice, but we really have to try to respect the others opinions for the good of Fanpop.
een jaar geleden szmootyi said…
I've met some Gizzie fans who basically called all the AlexIz fans 'jerks', and they said things like 'you got no idea what true love is' and stuff
I understand if they don't like Alex or his relationship with Izzie, but please, we DO like him, and they called us jerks only because of this
I never said anything rude to a Gizzie shipper, I only said 'George is annoying' or 'I don't like them as a couple'
een jaar geleden bugalugs said…
i really hope your not trying to say the george/izzie fans are all newbies as i have been on here for along time and i have also never said a bad thing about any ship that i dont like. i am a gizzie fan but i still like alex and izzie together, i just loved george/izzie because they re like a relationship i have had that i needed to work out. not all fans are the kind who like to argue about that sort of stuff, after all its only a tv program
een jaar geleden x-missmckena-x said…
not when i wrote this there was a is the word surge not to sure of new gizzie fans and they were very one sided and kind of abusive towards alex izzie fans, obviously i knew there were gizzie fans on fanpop already! sorry if you felt offended as all!