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All the quotes of Alice and Jasper in the boeken it took it from different sites but mostly from: I Felt


It was strange. In the Cullen family, Jasper was always a little on the fringe, part of things but never the center of them. It was my unspoken assumption that he was only there for Alice. I had the sense that he would follow Alice anywhere, but that this lifestyle was not his first choice. The fact that he was less committed than the others was probably why he had meer difficulty keep it up. – pg 283

Jasper: u can afford the time to be patient. Bella...
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posted by KathyHalliwell
First of all, I'd like to congratulate to charlotte again for winning! She definitely deserved this. Here's the interview:

1) So why don’t u start door introducing yourself? Tell us something about you!

Okay haha... Well there's not much to say actually :P
My name is Charlotte, I'm from Belgium, my native language is Dutch, but I can also speak French and English (obviously lol) I love watching films and talking about what I like and don't like about it with friends.

2) How does it feel to be the Jalice fan of the Month?

It's really awesome :D
Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside lmao xP
I really...
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➲ Happy, Happy, Happy Day!
Kathy, your birthday is today.
We will listen to what u say.
Tell us now what we should do.
We will do it just for you!
Kathy, your birthday is today!
Happy, happy, happy day!

I know I can't give u a real present, because I never saw u irl. So This is just for you, to let u know I didn't forget your birthday and I know that your birthday is actually this friday :D


You're a great person! and it's always...
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posted by KathyHalliwell
Since everyone seems to do this, I though why the hell not?
This is only a one-shot thing, and in the beginning they are both humans, but there are vampires in the story.


Love Can Kill

She silently stared at the doctor, utterly shocked. He must be joking. He told her her husband, HER husband, was dead.
„I’m really sorry, madame,” repeated the blonde, handsome doctor.
Sorry? He’s sorry? He’s telling me me my husband is dead, and HE’S sorry?, she thought bitterly. That’s why I had to wait, and pray for 7 days, hoping he’ll get better?! So an imbecile doctor would tell me my husband...
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posted by emmett
*I did not write this*

You look gorgeous, Alice." Esme Cullen smiled her pearly-toothed smile as she squeezed Alice's hand reassuringly. "Thank you, Esme." She responded politely. Rosalie passed quietly, only pausing a few seconden to make sure that the wedding dress didn't have any flaws. This time, Rose merely smiled, then hugged Alice quickly. "Don't worry. Everything will go splendidly." She walked out to the aisle and sat volgende to Emmett, who waved and gave Alice a thumbs-up.

Alice barely noticed Carlisle walk up behind her. "Hello, Alice." He said. "You look lovely." She grinned and took...
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