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one of All Time Low's new songs from the New album, Wake Up Sunshine
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The Reckless and The Brave

"Long live the reckless and the brave
I don't think I want to be saved
My song has not been sung
So long live us"

"Looking out at a town called Suburbia
Everybody's just fighting to fit in
Little rats running mazes, having babies
It's a vicious little world that we live in."

"Breaking out of a town called Suburbia
I remember everybody always saying
"Little brat, must be crazy, never make it
In our vicious little world"
Still I'm leaving."

"Got a van, got a chance, got my dignity
Got a dream, got a spark, got somewhere to be
Take a breath, say goodbye
To their precious little...
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Do u Want Me (Dead?)

"I let it ride on a bad bet
I doubled down on a sinking ship
I need a seconde to catch my breath
Do u want me
Or do u want me dead?"

"Oh, give it up for at least a second
I'm getting sick of your bullshit attitude
And how u walk around like u shine brighter
It's killing me"

"I've got my hands up
I'm staring down the barrel of a loaded night."

"Trigger-happy at harbor side
You're taking shots at the strangers passing
There's no such thing as a perfect crime
Don't play that."

"I'm dead set on a getaway."

I Feel Like Dancin'

"Shawty zei she wants to run away,
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This is How We Do

"We're the back-pocket believers,
we're the locals who went postal,
call it treason while u can."

"I'm just a face for every picture,
a smile for your scrap-books,
and a story to be told, and told, but I'm
but I'm loving every second
so commemorate this hour,
as the last I spend regretting what I have."

"We're the party,
you're the people;
let's make this night a classic."

"The curtain's rising,
I'm forgetting where I've been.
I watch the lights go up,
on a ster without his screen."

Let it Roll

"That maybe I'm just wasting my time dreaming
In a harsh reality
I don't wanna wake...
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Hit The Lights (Tribute To A Night, I'll Never Forget)

"I'm hoping, I'm asking
to stand door your side
at least for tonight."

"Let's follow through with this reckless dream
that's tearing me up inside
and all the time we've been so innocent."

"Hit the lights we'll be all right
tonight our dreams come true."

"I can't say it feels wrong to close my eyes
when all I see is you."

"And all the time we'll make it seem
like we have nothing to hide nothing to hide."

The volgende Best Thing

"I welcomed u with open arms
You drove the mes right through my heart
So now I'm crossing out the pain that's...
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