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martemora15 posted on Dec 07, 2009 at 06:44AM
Please don't hate me or anything, it's just that I had the sweetest Amuto-dream last night...

Okay: You know when it's so cold that your boggers freze, and you feel like laiyng down to cry/die? Yea... That's how cold it was. Amu had been at Tadase's place, but for some reason they started fighting and broke up. Amu, who was heartbroken, ran out the door and home as fast as only a brokenhearted twelveyearlod is able to, but in the hurry she forgot her jacket. This is something that goes unnoticed for a little while, then she gets colder by the second. Against all expectations, she actually manages to get home, but her family is out, and she doesn't have a key. At this point she leans against the door, shaking.

Out on the street, just by the gate of her house, a sertain person is walking slowly. He turns his head to gaze upon her house, and sees her. For a moment he is frozen in shock, but then he hurries over to her. She openes her eyes when he checks her temterature, and mumbles 'Ikuto' He sits down beside her, shaking his head and saying something about sertain skills to get lock out when it's this cold. He offer Amu to rest on his lap, as a joke, beliving she'll just frown at him or something, but she doesn't. By the time she lays her head against his chest, he can't do anything but smile. And despite the frezing cold, he wraps his GINORMOUS jacket around them both.

This is what she was wearing:
 Please don't hate me of anything, it's just that I had the sweetest Amuto-dream last night... Okay

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een jaar geleden ILOVEIKUTO said…
ummmmm is that a dream or just a day dream
een jaar geleden martemora15 said…
big smile
I dreamt it, woke up smiling^-^

The main reason for posting it here, was that I didn't want to forget it XD
een jaar geleden schnoodle11 said…
THAT MADE ME ALL WARM INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!
een jaar geleden -Amu-chan- said…
soooo cute!
een jaar geleden lubasakura said…
such a sweet dream. It soooooooo cute <3 <3 <3
een jaar geleden a11-swift said…