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posted by MrBohobe
 Amy's dress in Chapter 3 Getting Ready
Amy's dress in Chapter 3 Getting Ready
Author's Note: I may be a Sonamy fan, but Tailsdoll6 is my friend, so I respect him. This was typed for my good pal, Zane. Also, this NOT an article, this is a story. Enjoy the story!


It had been 2 weeks since Sonic jumped off a building, through rings of fire, which, he caught on fire, then, fell in acid, burned off his skin ( a very gruesome sight I may say ) and fell into garbage. So, what may have happened to him, u may ask, he died, that's what. Oh, u must be wondering why he jumped off a building, aren't you? Well, it all started 2 weeks ago, the dag he died.

Chapter 1...
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Let it be heard on this faithful day...
That I cast my shame away-
In this moment, this final hour-
I announce my love to my one and only flower-
A straal, ray like no other rests over pine eyes,
To hide my infatuation with zuur, zure lies,
In truth I'm nothing but a fool-
For not letting the idea of your hart-, hart set to rule.
u are truly my rose-
With your beauty I can't oppose.
Sonic is not your man-
He cannot treat u like I can.
He's not the one to kiss-
For it's your lips I would miss.
If u stay with me-
u will be happy as can be.
If u read this, I will be smiling with glee-
I love you, that is something u will see.
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Again, a disclaimer. If u don't like Amy and I as a couple, don't read of comment.

Me: *at home, playing DOOM*
Amy: *knocks on my door*
Amy: *giggles* I'm not Nathaniel.
Me: *small blush smile* Oh. *opens the door for her*
Amy: Thanks. *walks in*
Me: *sits down* *pulls chair out for her* So, what brings this cutie around here?
Amy: I'm your girlfriend, and u know what dag it is!
Me: Friday?
Amy: Oh come on.
Me: It's my birthday. Not a big day, is it?
Amy: Of course it is! If u weren't born, I wouldn't be able to datum the most wonderful person ever! *kisses my cheek*
Me: *blushes*...
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posted by AmyRosefan4eva
Me: *sleeping*
Amy: *sneaks in the bedroom and comes into bed volgende to me* *chuckles* Oh Zaaaaaaaane!
Me: *wakes up* *sees her volgende to me* Oh hello there, my sweet passion. Aren't we a bit young to be in the same bed?
Amy: I just got in a seconde ago, silly!
Me: Oh ok. *looks at the clock* It's 3 AM. Why are u trying to seduce me at 3 AM?
Amy: O_O I'm not trying to seduce you! I just wanted someone to keep me awake while I go shopping on Black Friday!
Me: *eyes halfway open* My parents will think I've been kidnapped!
Amy: That's why u write a note, saying where you've been!
Me: And don't u know...
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posted by tailsdoll06
Tails: hallo Amy!
Amy: hallo Tails!
Tails: Mind meeting me at the park in ten minutes?
Amy: Sure thing!
*ten minuten later*
Amy: *looks around* Where is Tails?
All of the Sonic gang (excluding Sonic and the comic characters) and I: *jump out of nowhere* HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!
Amy: Oh u guys!! But where is my Sonikku?
Shadow: Uh... he kinda forgot.
Amy: What do u mean?
Tails: He was the only one that didn't remember today was your birthday...
Amy: WHAT!? Grr... *calls Sonic*
Sonic: *answers* hallo Amy, what's up?
Amy: That's...
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