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posted by TotalDramaFan60
Name: Jespero
Role: Smartest
Name: Kuli
Role: Dumbest
Name: Kori
Role: Bossiest
Name: Samari
Role: Toughest
Name: Kamari
Role: Weakest
Name: Kolo
Role: Awesomest
Name: Chimi-Chan
Role: Crybaby
Name: Kamara
Role: Non-Crybaby
Name: Shi-Noka
Role: Listener
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why dio i shave to fod thasius i hartet tyhese swpeoeple e!
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orihara izaya
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Code Greass vs Hellsing
Same footage, different theme. :)
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The 119th chapter of ONE and Yuusuke Murata's One-Punch Man manga announced on Thursday that the manga has 13 million copies in print. Shueisha published the chapter on its Tonari no Young Jump website.

The manga had 12 million copies in print as of March 30.

Murata's manga series adapts ONE's original web manga of the same name. Murata's manga is currently running on Shueisha's free Tonari no Young Jump spinoff website. Shueisha published the 13th compiled volume in Japan on April 4 and the 14th compiled volume is set for release on August 4.

Viz Media is publishing the original manga series digitally on its Weekly Shonen Jump anthology, and it is also releasing the series in print. Viz Media released the manga's 12th compiled volume digitally on July 18 and will release it in print on September 5.

Madhouse and director Shingo Natsume's first 12-episode anime adaptation aired in Japan from October-December 2015, and a seconde season has been green-lit.
posted by Riku114
Im not sure if the Bad News has hit this club, but for those that might not know, Monty Oum, RoosterTeeth's animator and the animator for RWBY, Dead Fantasy, and RvB, has passed away due to a severe allergic reaction during a simple medical procedure that left him in a coma.

Lets hope for his best of luck in the after life and the pieces of joys he had helped in giving us during his time of life.

"Our friend, inspiration and co-worker Monty Oum passed away yesterday afternoon at 4:34 PM surrounded door people who loved him very much. Ten days geleden Monty suffered a severe allergic reaction during...
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Dubbed door Funimation Entertainment Clip 1 Hanji - Jessica Calvello Levi - Mathew Mercer Petra - Caitlin Glass Clip 2 Jean - Mike McFarland Sasha - Ashly Burch Conny - Clifford Chapin
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