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posted by LovableXNerd
To my love
Oh my dearest love your always in my thoughts
Oh my dearest love u gave me the love I sought
How am I so blessed to have you, to hold me
How am I so blessed to have you, to set me free
Can I hang on to you, without u running away
Can I hang onto you, Without having pain to pay
Can u keep me in your thoughts, That way u don’t forget
Can u keep me in your thoughts, Because I am so scared u won’t remember it
My foolish prince , cant u see
My foolish prince, u and I are mint to be
Till death do us apart, should be our vows
Till death do us apart, Lets always feel the way we do know
I love u so much, do u feel the same.
I love u so much m this is not a game
Oh my dearest love your always in my thoughts
Oh my dearest love u gave the love I sought
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1    Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)        
2    Cowboy Bebop (TV)    
3    Death Note (TV)
4    Spirited Away (movie)    
5    (The) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Tv)    
6    Princess Mononoke (movie)    
7    Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV)        
8    Elfen Lied (TV)
9    Code...
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posted by tammav5
when u get a call from the doctor it genarly means u have an up comeing apointment. not for me....when Dr.kasaku call my mom i was only 4 at the time. mom always had it on speaker and i was in the same room. " Get jukiabi to the hospital NOW!!!". my mom knew what it ment. she threw the phone at the uithangbord pickd me up and ran to the car. on the way my mom kept looking back at me.worried.when we got there the nurses got me into a room. "whats going on!?!?!" mom yelld. a nurse took her out of the room while another got me to lie down. befor i fell asleep my mom came in and kept brushing my hair...
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posted by ranmaakane4ever
anime BOYS!!!!.....Thats what i hear every day.Along with "there so cute","hot","amazing',"strong",and "i wish they were real".And don't get me wrong i love anime boys there are amazing.But like the other artikel i wrote "a quick review on anime girls" they have something in common.Which makes anime girls(along with real girls)like them.Im not saying there not unique but theres a lot of things they have in common.
SO here are some anime boys and you'll see what i mean.
Every one knows are beloved inuyasha and his "attitude"!Inuyasha is sweet(girls like that),strong(girls find that attractive),smart(thats...
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Hi. I have an idea of a new, and yet special fan fic story to share with all of you.

I hope u enjoy it! ^_^

(Please note: If you're going to crticized my story with bad comments, it's fine door me.)
Our story begins in a large world known as "The Cardcaptor Sakura World". It a very nice place, with lots of cities, a beauitful beach, and even a Cardcaptor.

Her name is known as "Sakura Kinomoto". She's an average, 10- jaar old girl who became known as the Cardcaptor when a myterious book known as the "Clow" blew all of the cards out of the book!...
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A humorous and clever muziek video featuring the Touhou characters and performed to "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "Hardware Store"
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