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1# Scream, "Sebastian is just too sexy, Sebastian is just too sexy!"
2# Every time he serves food say, "There's a spot right there."
3# Whenever u see a spider, kill it in front of Claude.
4# Invite Grell over to crush on Claude (in exchange for one uur with Sebastian alone).
5# Ask him if he likes Hannah and wants to adopt the triplets.
6# Run around the mansion nude and yell at Claude, "WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES??"
7# Come home pagina with a cat and name it Sebastian.
8# Hug Claude and never let him go.
9# Throw a party and have everyone dress up like cats.
10# Tell Claude that his crochet needle and stuff has been eaten door a cat.
11# Ask Claude constantly, "Are u a sadist, are u a sadist?"
12# Ask Claude to pose on his bed shirtless.
13# Tell Claude, "Sebastian makes better thee than you!" every dag when its thee time.
14# Scream the seconde u wake up, "I wanna form a contract with Sebastian, he's hotter!"
15# Ask Claude,"Sssssoooo, how long have u and Hannah been going out? Aren't the Triplets adorable?"
16# Ask Claude to start wipping u every time u use the bathroom.
17# Tell Claude to dress up as a cat and purr while shaking his butt.
18# Dump a litter of kittens into Claude's room and say u wanted to start a family.
19# Ask Claude if in his true form he really is as hairy as a spider.
20# Scream, "You must be retarded to fight with keuken-, keuken utensils.”
21# Tell the Triplets to start caressing Claude for no reason.
22# Ask Claude to take of his clothes and then say "Ole!" every time Alois walks by.
23# Stare at Claude without saying anything for as long as u can.
24# Every time u see Claude, burst into laughter and slap him on the back.
25# Hang up a picture of Sebastian in Claude's room and say (when he confronts you) "Aw, u know he's your BAE homie!" and then skip away singing My Little Homie.
26# Throw holy water at him and yell, "Get clean u demon!!!"
27# Ask Claude if he can give u a piggy back ride around the world saying, "Yes your highness”, the whole time.
28# Exchange all of Claude's clothes for roze tu-tu's with cats on them.
29# Ask Claude what's the weather up there every time u see him (since he's really tall XD)
30# Tell Claude to take a nap while u take a walk in the gardens- in actuality u go and shave all his hair off and leave a note door his bed saying: What shampoo did u use??? Too bad u don't have any hair now.
35# Ask Claude if he wears underwear.
36# Tell Sebastian and Ciel to come over and talk about cats.
37# Tell Claude to douche with you.
38# Say to Claude, "Don't u wish that u were so hot like me?" and say it over and over.
39# Lick yourself all over while in Claude's presence.
40# Jump on Alois's bed right after Claude makes it.
41# Squeal like a little girl every time Claude looks at you.
42# Play 'Poker Face' every time Claude passes you.
43# Burst into Claude's room and say, "Dance with me u hot piece of guy"
44# Ask "Why" to everything Claude says.
45# Every time Claude serves u tea, say (in a british accent), "Why are u so proper?" then pour the thee all over Claude and break the thee pot.
46# Ask Claude why he put the Faustian Contract on Alois's tongue, then say, "Dude, that's wrong on so many levels."
47# Cry the whole dag non-stop while screaming, "Why u not mine Claude Baby?"
48# Say to Claude every time u see him, "Don't u wish u were as hot as Sebastian?"
49# Get onto Alois's bed and say, "Hot Lips, Dirty Hips, Sexy Smile, Sebby Style" while talking in a Dracula Accent.
50# Tell Claude that the reason he's not hot is because he's secretly a vampire and that Sebastian will always be hotter (not to mention sexier) than him even if he was Sebastian (LOL).

If u do happen to still be alive (or just really really like this article) give me a thumbs up and send my love to Claude. u may be eend taped to Sebastian going a ship to Africa if you're lucky enough XD!
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