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No honestly is there a reason his 'hair' looks like this again? What not enough money to splurg on a few good hair pieces guys?

Second, how many of u are beginning to thoroughly dislike him? For the longest time I put up with him as the amusing defacto father of Merls and that was all fine well and good and I could cope with his lack of imagination re the tavern issue all dag long (Merlin being in the tavern) but this, this constant, thing of never quite telling all the relevant details and what is more, being selective in his memory is beginning to wear thin.

In fact, sometimes I find him far meer evil than the warpedness of an Odin of an Uther because they are just blindingly ignorant but he knows better.

Thoughts welcomed. Very very miffed with Gaius this season.
posted by kbrand5333
My 2nd place-winning fic for Arwen short challenge 7! I had to trim it for length to meet the word count requirements. This is the FULL version.

“My lady, he’s here.”

Four words. Four small words I’ve been dreading since the dag my father told me that he had promised me to King Arthur of Camelot.

“Thank you, I’ll be down presently,” I say, not turning around. It was rude of me, I know. I usually treat my servants better than this. Hopefully they will forgive my curtness, understanding my reticence to be whisked away door some… escort… to go and be married to a complete stranger....
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    Gwen sips her wine and talks with the princesses from Camelot’s neighboring kingdoms when someone taps on her shoulder. She turns around and finds a group of women, somewhere around her age, smiling at her. They curtsey and wait for her.

    Gwen looks astonished at them and one of the princesses she was talking to leans vooruit, voorwaarts and whispers, “Nod, you’re supposed to nod.” Gwen thanks her and nods. The princess resumes her place and sneers with the other princesses.

    “Is there anything I can do for you?” Gwen...
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posted by kbrand5333
As promised, Gwen wakes up. Arthur confesses what he's been up to. Just post 5x03.

    “Guinevere,” Arthur breathes when Guinevere’s eyes open. He had insisted that she be moved back to their chambers once the danger was over. He’s been keeping vigil in a rather uncomfortable chair beside their bed all night and well into the morning.
    “What happened?” she asks, coughing, sitting up some. The coughing combined with the slight hoarseness of her voice gives him a pang in his stomach.
    Arthur looks unbelievably contrite....
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posted by kbrand5333
EllaRose88 gave me the prompt "Truth of Dare." Was up too late (again) last night exorcising this from my head.

    The doors to the lift open late on a Friday, and he steps in, smiling bashfully at the one young lady with which he always hopes to share the small space of the elevator.
    “Evening,” he says quietly.
    “Evening,” she antwoorden back, looking shyly down at her shoes.
    God, she looks so cute tonight.
    He’s wearing that cologne again.
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Title: Apart But Not Forgotten, Chapter Two: Virginity
Author: ella-rose88
Pairing/Character: Gwen, Arthur/Gwen
Rating: PG, light M.
Word Count: 948
Warnings: Set during series 4 episode 11 & 12. AU after episode 10.
Prompt: Virginity.
Summary:She may be gone, but Camelot is still with her. In the seconde chapter, Gwen remembers her first night with Arthur.
A/N: This was written for the Square tafel, tabel Challenge over at square-table. The Theme for this chapter is Virginity.

This chapter has not been beta’ed so any errors are my fault. Once again commentaren are very much appreciated ♥!


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posted by kbrand5333
Part 68: link

    “Mmmm,” Guinevere purrs contentedly, resting her head on Arthur’s chest. She curls into his side, throwing a leg over his.
    “I didn’t get to finish my lunch,” Arthur says, earning him a pinch. “Ow!”
    “Hey, u were the one that left the table,” she shrugs.
    He slides his hand along her body, from her hip to her shoulder and back down again to rest on her hip, where he gives her a squeeze. “Well it was still your fault. And avondeten, diner isn’t until seven,” he pouts.
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 44: link

    Arthur manages to bring in meer than enough firewood just before the skies open up.
    “Just made it,” he says, dropping the box in the parlor, near the large fireplace.
    Guinevere is in the kitchen, putting things away and cleaning things up. Except the fish, which are Arthur’s responsibility. He strolls into the keuken-, keuken and slides his arms around her waist, kissing her shoulder, then the space on the back of her neck between her ponytails.
    “Those vis aren’t going to clean themselves,...
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posted by kbrand5333

    “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m completely soaked,” Gwen laughs as they scurry into Arthur’s flat. They had gone out for a walk after dinner, but failed to check the weather forecast. They got caught in a surprise summer rainstorm and had to run home.
    “Best get u out of those wet clothes, then,” Arthur teases. She runs down the hall ahead of him, out of his grasp. “Oh, no, u don’t…” he calls, following behind, not running, but taking long snel, swift strides through the room and down the hall.
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 11: link

    They sit quietly for a moment, still pondering the strange coincidence about their mothers. I need to hold him. Gwen leans over and puts her arms around him, resting her head on his shoulder. He kisses her forehead, and notices a scar there, about an inch long, faint but there.
    “Where did u get this?” he pokes it with his finger.
    “I walked into the keuken-, keuken tafel, tabel when I was three,” she tells him. He laughs, and she protests, “I suppose u have no scars from something dumb u accidentally did as a...
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posted by kbrand5333
I intentionally modernized some names in this story. I apologize if this bugs anyone.

Part 10: link

    Gwen is puttering in the kitchen: setting the table, keeping an eye on the chicken, putting water on to boil for the rijst noodles, chopping vegetables, preparing the dessert so she can pop it in the oven when they start eating.
    Morgana wanders in. “How do I look?” She spins. She is wearing a flattering smaragd, emerald green spaghetti strap sundress with a handkerchief hemline. Her hair is in loose waves and she looks spectacular.
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posted by kbrand5333
Another steam warning. This is becoming quite the naughty story.

Part 7: link

    Gwen wakes up before Arthur does. She looks at the clock on the nightstand. Eight seventeen. She has slept like the dead and feels quite awake. She looks at Arthur, sprawled on his face volgende to her, one arm thrown casually over her. Regret? No, no regret. Only… happiness. This is so weird, but it feels so right. She leans over and kisses his cheek, bringing forth a small snort from Arthur but he doesn’t wake. She decides to get up.
    She visits the toilet and decides...
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hallo everyone!

Seeing as Merlin is ending, just as I'm participating in making my own graphics (I'm sad that after this series they will be no meer filming pics of Arwen screen caps) I've decided to make graphics for the top, boven Arwen moments.

But seeing as I have so many moments that I adore, I figured I would ask for some help. So, please lijst your top, boven favoriete Arwen moments from series 1 to 5. I know that the toon has yet to finish and we know that Arwen will be a huge feature in the volgende episode, but I'll leave this open till the end of the series. Then I'll start doing some graphic making.
posted by kbrand5333
Part 4: link

    Three minuten pass, then Gwen’s phone vibrates on her desk. Sorry, I have a lunch meeting today.
    Another one? Okay. She puts her phone down on her desk, trying not to slam it on the hard surface. There is a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach that has been plaguing her since Sunday night, when Arthur chose to go home pagina instead of staying another night.
    He’s allowed to sleep in his own bed. He’s paying rent on the place, he should spend some time there, she had told herself....
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 11: link

Okay, so I lied. The last chapter is not my last chapter. Tassja_G was supposed to finish us up, but real life has gotten in the way, so I once again have the honors.

Los Angeles
Present day

    Arthur stares into the rear-view mirror, watching the motorcycle parked behind him, its lights flashing, as he sits on the shoulder of Los Angeles’ I-5.
    He sighs, watching the officer climb off the bike, remove his helm and set it on the zitplaats, stoel of his bike.
    Scratch that.
    He watches the officer...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 10: link

This is my last chapter for this work, so forgive me for the length. But it was necessary.

Seattle, WA, 1994


“Arthur, u don’t even like coffee,” Merlin says, confused, following Arthur inside a small storefront coffee house. He looks around the place. It appears to have just opened for the day, as there are no customers yet and everything is spotless.

“You’re late,” they hear a smoky feminine voice say from somewhere behind the counter. “Usually you’re in before I’ve even turned the sign over. I was beginning to wonder if u were at home pagina sick or...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 9: link

I take full and unalloyed responsibility for the massive delay in this series. Life tackled me and we were moving across the country and I’m terribly disorganized and Baroness Morgana will punish me for a long time...wait...I lost my train of thought. Enjoy!

July 29th, 1981
The Wedding dag of Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, Prince of Wales

“Gwennie! C’mon, it’s starting!”

Gwen glanced once meer at the stubbornly silent telephone before padding over to the living room

Why hasn’t he rung?

Her best mate Morgs was pouring out the tea.

“And my keuken-, keuken remains intact,”...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 8: link

Sorry about the delay, there was a slight hiccup in the proceedings. But we're back on track now!

London, 1977
A/N: If u are unaware, “fag” is British slang for a cigarette. I would never use the crass American version.

I hope those ruffians aren’t loitering around again. I hate walking past them, Gwen thinks as she walks down the street, on her way home pagina from some Saturday morning shopping. Her bag in her arms with some groceries from the market; she rounds the corner and surveys the straat ahead of her.

They’re there. The five of them on one side. On the other,...
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posted by kbrand5333
    “Merlin, I need u to… Merlin? Merlin!” Arthur starts yelling for his servant as soon as he notices the other man is nowhere to be seen. He was expecting him to be waiting for him in his chambers when he returned from his evening council meeting.
    “MERLIN!” he yells again, irritated now, dropping his riem on the table.
    “I gave him the night off,” a soft voice drifts out of the dim. It is coming from the direction of the sleeping quarters.
    “Guinevere?” Arthur says, puzzled. And intrigued....
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posted by kbrand5333
 I found this picture online, and decided to make it Gwen's dress in this chapter.
I found this picture online, and decided to make it Gwen's dress in this chapter.
Part 6: link

Camelot Speakeasy, Chicago, 1929

The hard soles of Arthur Pendragon’s shoes echo on the metal stairs hidden behind some trash bins in a dank back alley. He trudges down the stairs and reaches a thick metal door, on which he pounds with the side of his fist. He waits.

Seconds later, a hidden panel slides open, and a pair of blue eyes peek out at him. “Password?” a deep voice asks.

“Open up, Percy, it’s me,” Arthur says crossly. Always the same thing with this one. It’s my damn club. I don’t need to give the password.

“Password,” he repeats.

“Percival. I...
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