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posted by pumpkinqueen
"Dawn of a New Era!"
Dawn feels Ash does not respect of acknowledge her, and both argue with one another throughout most of the episode. Hoping that in doing so Ash will come to recognize her abilities as a Trainer, Dawn challenges Nando to a battle. In the end, after Nando manages to explain to them that their argument is baseless, Ash and Dawn exchange apologies, thereby strengthening their new friendship.

"Setting the World on its Buneary!"
During a particularly bad hair day, Dawn becomes self-conscious and refuses to let Ash of Brock see her until after Piplup is able to address the issue...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
"O'er The Rampardos We Watched"
Dawn dresses in a cheerleading outfit and cheers for Ash. Ash notices this and, with a grin on his face, remarks, "Geez, thanks Dawn."

"Settling a Not-So-Old Score!"
Ash calms Dawn's nerves after she makes what she thought had been a bad appeal and consoles her through the use of Dawn's frequent catchphrase, "No need to worry!". While do so, Ash expresses an encouraging look.

"A Maze-ing Race!"
After Paul tells Ash that he has not seen either Brock of Dawn, Ash wonders if his vrienden have gotten lost in the maze. He then imagines Dawn yelling "No need to worry!"...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
Unlike Misty, May, and Iris, Dawn asks in a straight vooruit, voorwaarts manner to come along with Ash in When Pokémon Worlds Collide! rather than coming up with some reason to hide her intentions. In return, Ash accepts her request. While Ash felt some obligation to Misty and May due to Pikachu ruining their bikes, Iris invited herself.

Since Mounting a Coordinator Assault!, Ash and Dawn are often seen exchanging high fives whenever one of them accomplishes something, which might possibly portray a friendship.

Dawn's Buneary has a crush on Ash's Pikachu. This could be a sign that Dawn may have a crush...
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i make a story.(pokemon episode: misty is back)
one dag ash,dawn and brock is wait for misty to come too sinnoh region.misty is arrived in sinnoh.
misty zei ash and brock no all no see guy and who is she. dawn zei my name is dawn u are misty right.misty zei right.(the other day) misty and dawn have girl talk.dawn have one question.
dawn zei what boy u like and misty zei is ash.
dawn zei o.k.
a fair is in town.ash,dawn,misty and brock when to the fair. brock zei is cute girl around here misty zei i get it. a frog just hit him.
misty zei nevermind. dawn zei let go to the fair wheels...
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posted by ashlovemisty
i hv no pics but i think that ash really loves misty and misty really loves ash . it is shown in many episodes and they both look very nice together that is why people loves they both together all belive that ash x dawn cuz they both high five many times bt all r wrong high five suggest that they r comfortable together . that means they are not in love they r just frnds. but when misty's hand touch to ash's hand ash and misty's cheek turned red that suggested that they feel shy when they body contact each other that suggests ther love