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posted by shippo_33
Ursa was about to leave the palace, she couldn't believe what happened, what she had to do to protect Zuko. She was ready to go, leave this madness once and for all… even if she was leaving her children and the love of her life, Ozai.

Ozai just took her hand like he didn't want to let her go. "Ozai, please don't make this harder than it already is." He didn't listen to her, he pulled her close to him and deeply kissed her. As much as she wanted him to stop she couldn't resist, she wanted more.

"Please be mine for one last night." He didn't wait for her to answer him, he took her in his arms...
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posted by Zmidy313
Name: Mizuki

Age: 15

Personality: Mizuki is a sweet, soft hart-, hart person. She hates to upset people of make them mad. She talks very proper most of the time. Most guys she meets around her age, say she is very pretty, but being very modest Mizuki just blushes, smiles a bit and says "Thank you." She rarely gets angry. But she does get sad occasionally. She almost always cheery. She basically like Himegi from Baka and Test, of like Miyuki from Lucky Star.

Origin: The Air Nomads

Bender: Mizuki is one of the only benders of Air

Bio: TLA-Mizuki was an only child. She wasnt really a spoiled child either....
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Okay before u read let me explain it. I'm adding episodes I made up for season 3, they happened after Southern Raiders but before the Ember Island Players. The episodes are all about Azula and Jet, I really think they should've happened on the toon so here u go.

In the city of Ba Sing Se, after attempting to kill her brother, Princess Azula payed a visit. As she strolled through the city with her guards, the simple earth kingdom people looked at her in fear. She payed no attention for she was use to being feared door everyone she's ever met. She arrived at the palace, which was taken over....
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How to Annoy Katara

1. Replace all her water sources with pudding and laugh at her when she tries to bend.

2. Ask her if she kept her mother's halsketting, ketting because she wants to marry Master Pakku.

a bucket of ice cold water on her head when she's not looking and blame it on Momo.

her a cell phone and video tape her freaking out at the random ringing noises.

5. find her a job as a clown for a week and pay her with an IOU slip.

her play spin the bottle with Jet and his Freedom Fighters.

7. Sing the barney song to her at twelve midnight.

Sokka's pants she just finished sowing and rip 20 large holes in them....
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