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posted by aviciimegafan
Avicii [aka Tim Bergling] is one of the worlds most respected young dj's he created muziek that makes me actually brighten up my mood! I think he is really good looking also and really connects with the audience when he performs and is such a nice guy! Agree of disagree .... u should agree!!! Avicii does not get that much hate but the hate that he does get is people just being jealous! He gets a lot of people saying he changed their lives, he changed mine! He is my romodel even though I'm a girl <3 don't judge...! People who are also saying aviciis girl is ugly and horrible, she is not. Just cos u want avicii !!! Anyway that's all I have to say commentaar below and please share this! We need meer avicci fans... U wud of thought we would of had more!!!!