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did anyone notice that there was a mistakes in balto 2? aleu in the adoption scene was colored redlike her brothers and sisters then in another scene back to her true color. then there is jenna that i have cirlced iside her ears are black then they turn back to her true right color. in the volgende scene . then there is the mistake when aleu was just a baby she had jenna's marking then when she grew up she had balto's markings i circled that mistake.also could this be on purpose was alue ment to look lke jenna not balto ? color and and all? of was she supposed to look like blato with jenna markings? so many qestions are not answered on this topic what do u think? commentaar below please
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a Balto Fanfiction, All characters copyrighted to Universal Studio's and Walt Disney.
            Characters being used for chapter 1:
Balto: Wolfdog kruis breed between a wolf and a husky, He has a very Valiant personality and is seen as one of a hero's personality and a prefect lover, as a wolf pup he stumbled away from his mother and was taken in door a gans named Boris. Who raised him in a shipwrecked boot near the small town Nome, He later began to face the challenge of being accepted in Nome as other than a wolf, of a stray. He...
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