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 Barbie in princess power teaser trailer screenshots
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Source: Barbie in A Mermaid Tale
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As an entertainment powerhouse, the Barbie® brand has been bringing fans of all ages engaging content for decades. Now, in collaboration with EMS Entertainment, Barbie will bring fans a new opportunity to sing and dance with the introduction of an all-new musical, Barbie™ LIVE! Barbie LIVE! is an engaging production featuring contemporary muziek with empowering lyrics, energetic choreography and a modern storyline that will appeal to fans of all ages. Barbie LIVE! will make its debut this September in Singapore and will travel Asia through 2014. In Manila, the toon will be staged at the Mall...
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Barbie as Anastasia

Barbie stars as Anastasia, the lost princess(or grand duchess whichever u prefer) of Russia. Separated from her grandmother during the Revolution when they tried to escape on a train to Paris. Ten years later, Anastasia, going door the name Ana, and her brother Alex sets out to try and find out who her birth parents are. On the way to the train station, for the only thing she remembered was that her family was in France, they bump into the con-artist, Dimitri(yes, like the vos, fox version, I couldn't think of anything else) who realized the striking similarities...
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Characters of Human Sidekicks in Barbie Movies(Part 1): Brietta to Luciana. Brietta, Genevieve's sisters, and Luciana. The sisters have similar weaknesses
I will write about the male sidekicks later.

1. Brietta:

Strengths: Kind, caring, reasonable, intelligent, brave:

Brietta is kind to the little girls, Annika, Shiver, and even Aiden. She cares a lot about her family, and friends. She is meer reasonable then Annika, and often is the voice of reason to her. She is intelligent when she figures out how to get horses. She is brave when it comes to saving Annika.

Weaknesses: Pessimistic, gives...
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Barbie stars as Blair Willows, a kind-hearted, regular young girl who lives in the city of Gardania with her sickly mother and younger sister, while working vigorously as a waitress in order to help better support them. Blair wins a lottery to attend Princess Charm School as Lady Royal because Emily secretly puts her name for many times per day.
In this school, Blair has her own sprite named Grace who will be her personal assistant. Other princesses also have their own sprite. In this school, Blair gets two best friends, Isla and Hadley. Blair makes a lot of mistakes at school, especially...
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If u go now where the hart-, hart is meer free
Where you're taken door the rythim
A breath and the courage will help you
It will need only the first step, you'll see

And an infinite dance will take u away
How much grace and perfect harmony
When you'll come back from the darkness
To toon the light u have
That u have

The beauty that already shine in you
In that way that only u have
It will make your way softer
Every spin is painted in the blue of the sky

And an infinite dance will take u away
How much grace and perfect harmony
When you'll come back from the darkness
To toon the light u have
That u have...
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