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Barbie & Her Sisters in A pony Tale is a 2013 computer-animated Barbie film. The screenplay was written door Steve Granat and Cydne Clark, and Heavynn Gates is the lead vocalist for the movie's theme song.

Barbie and her sisters use an RV to go on a horseback-riding vacation to the Alps and go to a horse academy. They make new animal friends, and Barbie has an instant connection with a wild horse which she trains. At the horse academy, the sisters attend a festive gala dressed in their prettiest ball gowns.

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The teenage princess with a hart-, hart of goud doesn't want to grow up and take on the demands of being royalty. She wants to laugh, pull pranks and rock out!

The world-famous popstar is an in-your-face girl whose career has made her grow up too fast. Now she needs to find the joy of muziek again.

Tori's posh pooch is from a long line of regal canines. She always keeps an eye on Tori to make sure that the princess is acting like a royal should.

Keira's super-playful pup is devoted to her. He knows all her dance moves and performs them with joy

The handsome prince is a polite royal, but also a modern teen. When he gets a charming crush on Keira, what he doesn't know is that it's Tori transformed into the popstar.

Keira's two-faced manager tells her what she wants to hear, but plots behind her back to take the spotlight for himself.

A friend is the one ,
who keeps in touch with u , forever ,
no matter what the condition is ,
whether bad of fair.

A friend is someone ,
who wipes away your tears ,
smiles with u to make u joyous
cause bearing the pain
is like a great pressure on their heart.

A true friend always keeps in touch
when u are in trouble..
as well as moments when u are surrounded door joys and tears .

But others are just fair -weather friends,
Keeps in touch with u only when
you are bathed in riches.
But forgets u when u are useless.

True vrienden are rare in this world ,
So be careful to choose...
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