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 Blair in Purple and Blue
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Isla is a major character in this movie. She is a friend of blair.she goes crazy for muziek and tunes. She is a shy, sweet-natured girl. She is very talented, but nervous about her work; she thinks people won’t appreciate them much. Although her work is very amazing. She is partly a genius. If we describe her in 1 sentence, it would be;
‘A figure of muziek and beauty’.
If u notice deeply, you’ll figure out that Blair would not be becoming princess sophia without isla’s help.
When Blair, Hadley and Isla reached the palace, Isla pointed out a picture of Queen Isabella. She says; ‘it’s a picture of Blair. ‘They tried to get gardenia crown but dame Devin caught them. Isla figured out the code 2 times. Her princess assistant is harmony. She later DJ’s the coronation ceremony. In short, Isla is a lovable character of this movie
Barbie is getting married and she has decided on a Victorian themed wedding. She is very aware of the fact that in those times, brides didn't always wore white dresses.
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