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Warner Bros. home pagina Entertainment’s first-ever venture into interactive storytelling that allows fans to choose where the story goes through an innovative navigation guided door the viewer’s remote control.
batman: death in the family
opening titel sequence
warner bros. entertainment
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Batman made his first appearance as a comic book superhero in DC Comics “Detective Comics No. 27, May 1939”. Bob Kane has been credited with the original creation of Batman. Kane was a twenty-two jaar old comic book artist creating fill-in cartoons about dogs and cats for DC Comics when he was selected to create a hero as powerful and appealing as Superman, DC Comic’s jaar old phenomenal success. Kane’s inspiration for Batman reportedly came from three sources—a Leonardo da Vinci sketch of a man trying to fly with attached bat-like wings, a 1930’s silent mystery movie...
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Captain Stacy: Hi I'm a Marvel
Gordon: ...Hey what are u doing here at Commissioner Loeb's funeral?
Stacy: I'm coordinating it! Alright, first things first. The Joker threatened to kill our beloved mayor, so for the funeral, I think it's best to have it in a location with an obscene amounts of windows.
Gordon: ...but what about sharpshooters?
Stacy: Please. We're doing our job.
Gordon: No you're not doing your job. At DC, we get to the bottom of the matter. Like detectives. We're not here to let people off with a warning in order to set good examples for children
Stacy: Yes clearly from watching...
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