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This Batman achtergrond contains fontein.

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After a period of seven years, Christopher Nolan's three-movie saga about the D.C. Comics character, Batman, finally came to an end. The saga that began with 2005's "BATMAN BEGINS", ended with 2012's "THE DARK KNIGHT RISES".

This third film, set seven years after 2008's "THE DARK KNIGHT", began with the aerial kidnapping of a nuclear scientist door an escaped terrorist named Bane. The scene shifted to Gotham City, where a fund-raiser was being held at Wayne Manor. The only person missing was millionaire Bruce Wayne, who had gegeven up his vigilante activities...
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When i was 5 years old i ask my father, who did he like better Batman of Superman?

He answer Batman. So i ask why Batman, he doesn't have superpowers he is just a guy.

My father response was: "That's exactly why. He is just a guy, but a really tough guy. He punches the bad guys, he has cool gadgets, and he never gives up"

Something click in my mind and i been a Batman fan ever since.

I watch the cartoons, the movies, and when i got older the comics.

So how about u guys? When did u became a Batman fan
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