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I know that a lot of Batman fans would disagree with this, but I think that Batman and Robin is very overhated. Batman and Robin is a 1997 film that has become really hated door Batman fans. However I think that there's a lot of stuff in this film to like.

5. This film's versions of the heroes are well done.

I think that George Clooney's version of Batman actually works well. People have compared it to Adam West's Batman, but I think that it's good that there are things in common between them. Mr. Clooney has the same wholesome charm of Mr. West. Mr. Clooney's Batman took the silly stuff going...
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”BATMAN BEGINS” (2005) Review

When Christopher Nolan’s reboot of the BATMAN franchise first made its debut during the summer of 2005, many critics and moviegoers hailed it as the seconde coming. They also viewed it as a vast improvement over the four films released between 1989 and 1997. Since then, ”BATMAN BEGINS” has been overshadowed door its 2008 sequel, ”THE DARK KNIGHT” and 2012's "THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS". After a recent viewing of the 2005 movie, I must admit that I have a deeper attachment for it.

”BATMAN BEGINS” was basically an origin tale about the scion of a wealthy...
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Upon seeing his newly transformed face in the mirror, Jack Napier (Jack Nicholson) takes leave of the realm of sanity completely and becomes.. the Joker..
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