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posted by beastlygirl
I am a huge Beastly fan!!! I mean huge. I'm going on my seventeenth read and I have yet to cry at the good parts and not read it in one sitting (wow that was s*&ty grammar). ANyway I wrote this atricle to cool down the presses and the haters.

Yes, Vanessa Hudgens is not a red head and wears no braces in the movie. But shes still an actress and we still need to giver her a chance.

Also, some people are upset because he is not a furry best in the movie. Well thats nothing but a positive change!!! In the book we can read what hes thinking. But in the movie we must rely on physical expressions. And if the actor doesn't have a face = impossible

Anyway, my take on it is, as long as the story is portrayed then why does it matter what the characters look like. For goodness sake do people remember what the book was about??? Not judging on looks. So I think people seriously need to cool down
posted by jake_rose_4ever
I don't think if anyone is going to read this, but I just wanted to write it:)
I bought Beastly yesterday. I wasn't that excited(I haven't seen the movie, but I'm going to downloaded! I have only seen the trailer and I liked it a bit), but now I'm OBSESSED!!
I have read 50 pages in one night, but it was impressive that I wanted to read it ALL!!
I just wanted to make me meer anguished about what it's next;)
it's an awesome book! it has...everything! mystery, romance, bitchness, everything;) this is good and I think this is the secret of it's success.
I'm sure that the continuity will be excellent ^_^
congratulations to Alex Flinn the writer, I will zoek for another boeken of her, I believe that all are perfect.