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posted by Frizzhead
I thought after watching the movie beetlejuice i should give a review on it so here i go...

Beetlejuice is a Tim burton classic set in the house of a young married couple.Adam and Barbra hope to have a child someday.In a tragic accident they are killed and are confined to the house.
A family buy the house and start rearranging everything this means its WAR!! Adam and Barbra are'nt able to scare them out so they need a bio-excorsist....

Personally i loved the film because of its witty, dark humour. Winona Ryder was superb! The 17 jaar old steals the toon with her performance. Michael Keaton is also fantastic with his one-liners and grins. But no matter what i think the true ster is Tim burton producing such a wonderful film. He is a genius with his contrast work and he has never faltered
posted by Wicked-Blair
A simple, humble character beschrijving from the movie we all know and love.

ADAM MAITLAND: One of the main protagonists in the film, Adam Maitland starts out as a normal, childless, married man. Due to a fatal car accident, he and his wife are doomed to roam their new (and last) house for eternity as ghosts. He's a kind, loving man, with obviously some artistic skill which he proved when we see that cool little scale model he built of the entire town.

BARBRA MAITLAND: Adam's wife, who, in the end, is ultimately responsible for saving the day, is also a kind, loving person, with sweet 80's hair....
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