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The Reality Of Hollywood For Women Over 40 door Zoe Cassavetes via linkfor dag OUT OF DAYS. meer video interviews here: link
zoe cassavetes
In support of maurices 'Small Town Sound' undiscovered band contest, the Bangles talk about making muziek together, and their upcoming new album, 'Sweetheart Of the Sun'
all-female band
rock muziek
the bangles
sweetheart of the sun
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Yesterday I slept and I dreamed I was a princess
I dreamed of the power of an educated woman
in the times of knights
And I don't mean what we used to do: embroidery, singing of drawing
no, but to that ancient art that barely lingers between us now,
to make man believe that he is the one who take the reins
We didn't have the freedom to be indomitable, but we have been secret.
We domed the king with kisses and planned alliances and revenge in our beds.
In my dream, my mother, the Queen, taught me to be gentle, to appear submissive but to be daring in secret as far as God would allow me.
To play with my...
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