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bella cullen ( fierce,sexy )
bella zwaan-, zwaan ( sweet,nice,lil edgy,protected )
 diamond6017 posted een jaar geleden
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TDL92 picked bella cullen ( fierce,sexy ):
Now she knows she could be herself. She always wanted to have it with him but he just never allowed it untill Bella said that she wanted to make her own conspiracy but even then Edward stopped her from doing it then and so finally they got married and she still was not turned itno a vampire and sure enough they had sex and Bella got pregnent. Edward and the Cullens told Jacob that they did not even know this was possible but Bella wanted to keep the baby and would not let Carlisle take the Demon or in her appinon the nudger out of her. She got very skinny and ill. To were the point came that she had to drink blood to keep the demon/nudger from taking blood from her as it was already doing. Jacob tried to talk her out of havoing this thing but of course it did not help. Bella came to think that Edward or Carlisle will be able to bite her before she dies. The morphine was slowing stuff down during the pregnancy. She did have a c section. So there was lots of bloode and as my friend says dcuring the pregnance her ribs break and her spine also does then during the pregnancy her stomach gets violantly torne open with a pocket nighf but to her luck Carlisle did have all of the supply needed for her to give birth to his like of helping people (to this monster as said Jacob). Like I said the morphine was slowing her body down. Edward held the child witch was named Renesmee. Bella was able to see the baby but not able to carry the baby bacause she was to weak. She was nearly dead. As time was passing by Edward held the porciline baby and right then and there Bella stopped smiling and closed her mouth. She was dead but thank you to the morphine she wasn't. Edward asked Jacob to hold the porciline thing but instead Rosalie came to get it and as we all know Rosalie does not like to be frozen in time and she always wanted her own family and so of course she was convincing Bella to keep the nudger. Edward bit Bella on the arm. The neck and the leg. Him and Carliuisle waited a while but then they decided to clean up her romains. Lots of bloode was involed. They dressed her in a nice blue dress and left the room to go with the rest of the Cullens includi9ng jacob and we all know Jacob's care for Bella. It was very ruff on him but he learned to let go of Bella. He went out side and cried but then he went inside planning on killing the little porciline nudger but instead he imprinted on it because the eyes reminded him of Bella's eyes. Then he went into the room were the Cullens and so did Rosallie a few seconds after. They all listened and as we know Alice's powers to see the future. They show Bella hilling from all of the damage her body went thru during the prosses of being pregnant with a little demon.Her hair was real ratty and she was real skinny and pail and had all those bites from Edward on her. After they showed her body hilling they showed all of the organs and stuff inside of her freezing. Then they showed stuff that happend to her in the previouse movies. Then finally when they ended the movie the show all of the Cullens sort of puzzled. I guess you could say. Then the last thing you see in that movie is Bella's bloode red eyes.
posted een jaar geleden.
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AmyofCamelot picked bella zwaan-, zwaan ( sweet,nice,lil edgy,protected ):
Just like me. Don't even bother to try and turn edward on, love
posted een jaar geleden.