Bella Thorne Bella Thorne Outfit Contest ~ CLOSED

nevenkastar posted on Aug 22, 2011 at 02:46PM
Here is my first Bella Contest!!

Prize: 1st place - 5 props
2nd place - 4 props
3rt place - 3 props

Round 1: Bella in a pink dress
Round 2: Bella in a blue dress
Round 3: Bella in a green dress
Round 4: Bella in a yellow dress
Round 5: Bella with Curly hair
Round 6: Bella with Straight hair
Round 7: Bella With Jeans
Round 8: Bella With Skirt
Round 9: Bella with Hat
Round 10: Bella with Boots
Round 11: Bella with Cody Simpson
Round 12: Bella with Garrett Backstrom
Round 13: Bella with Jake T. Austin
Round 14: Bella with Debby Ryan
Round 15: Bella with Zendaya
Round 16: Bella with Selena Gomez
Round 17: Bella with Stefanie Scott
Round 18: Bella with Adam Irigoyen
Round 19: Bella with Roshon Fegan
Round 20: Bella with Kenton Duty
Round 21: Bella with Bridgit Mendler
Round 22: Bella with Noah Cyrus
Round 23: Bella with Jennifer Stone
Round 24: Bella in a Shake It Up season 1 photo (NOT PHOTOSHOOT)
Round 25: Bella in a Shake It Up Season 2 photo (NOT PHOTOSHOOT)
Round 26: Bella in a Shake It Up Season 1 PhotoShoot
Round 27: Bella in a Shake It Up Season 2 Photoshoot
Round 28: Bella on the Red Carpet
Round 29: Bella in 2009
Round 30: Bella in 2010
Round 31: Bella in 2011
Round 32: Bella on a Movie Primiere 2010
Round 33: Bella on a Movie Primiere 2011
Round 34: Bella with a Milkshake
Round 35: Bella as Cece Jones
Round 36: Bella in a Shirt
Round 37: Bella with an Updo HairStyle
Round 38: Bella with Pia Mia Perez
Round 39: Bella with Kaili Thorne
Round 40: Post Your Fav. Photo Of Bella

The contest is done...hope you liked it <33
Here are my other contests!!
Post a photo here too!!!

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