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posted by Takuya
Belle is my favoriete Disney female character and I thought that I would write this little artikel listing her outfits/dresses in the order that I like them.

Before I begin I will say that I am a person who enjoys drawing clothes and designing clothes for my own characters and because of this I have started take a good look at different clothes inorder to get a better idea of what to and not to draw and this is why I will give my opinion on the clothes themselfes aswell.

Lets begin with the lowest on the lijst
Nr 4: Green Dress

This dress is very pretty but In my opinion it has a little bit...
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Belle a beautiful, eccentric and book loving peasant girl from a small french village who got thrown into a real fairy tale when she is searching for her lost father.
Why is she one of my favorites? And why does fans all over the world love her?
I will try to expalin my reason and theories about that.

The reason why I and many meer like her is that she is in many ways relatable, she is seen as different in her home pagina village and she dreams of better things in life much like most people at some point in their life.

She may not be as strong and outgoing as Mulan and Tiana but she is very strong willed and because of her love of reading she has alot of knowledge uncommon for women of the time.

She is not at all naive and she is able to take the lead like when she is teaching the Beast how to dance and read.

Her greatest traits is her honesty and her ability to love someone for their personality and soul instead of their appearence.
posted by Takuya
Belle is my favoriete Disney character and i figured she deserved an artikel so here it is.

Belle is considerd door many to be the best Disney princess for many different reasons like her beauty, her love for the Beast and much more, i like her just because she is beautiful and kind but she is not perfect, she has flaws and that makes her realistic.

When they were making the movie back in 1991 they wanted Belle to not be just a "pretty face" but she should be beautiful on the inside aswell, and i think they succeded with that because u actually belive that she can love a beast almost...
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posted by MusicMaker95
As I grow older I look back on the memories of my childhood. If you've ever cleaned your room and had a box of old junk, was there a special item u just kept coming back to?
Well, in all the years of frenzied growing up, I'd all but forgotten Beauty and the Beast was my first love. The fairytale that stayed with me. I can better understand the story and it's qualities now, but back then, I just loved it for what it was.
What better story to teach one things aren't always what they seem? I know I've learned to look a little deeper than the surface of your skin! Ask yourself this, how many...
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I have loved Belle since I first heard of Beauty & the Beast and I was fascinated with the story and of course Belle.

About Belle

Belle is a French girl living in France in the 17th century. She is an only child and she lives with her merchant father Maurice. She loves reading boeken and loves adventure. She thinks that she is odd because she is the only girl in blue and she loves boeken whereas the rest of the villagers don’t. A self-centred man named Gaston likes Belle but she doesn’t as she thinks that he is rude and conceited . As her father goes off to the fair she decides to check...
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Why she is my favoriete princess that she is smart, brave, kind, and beautiful. She has been my role model to me. When I was six I asked my mom what princess I was. She zei Belle. I usually sat on the divan, bank every time and watch this beautiful movie. I learned to love to read from her. How she would go beyond the face and see he real person.

She showed her town that she was not like other girls that where drooling over gaston. She saw what the beast was , and respected that. No other girl was that high of her.

She went against sexism and showed that there is beauty behind any ugly face