Billie Eilish Wall

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dcombs56 zei …
hallo Billie, just want to say, stay true to your music, your
Style and yourself. Thank u for bringing muziek back into
My life ( long story) much love ❤️ geplaatst een jaar geleden
dcombs56 zei …
I just happen to see u on YouTube with Howard S. First
Time I heard your music. OMG. u and your brother both
Blow me away. I’m 56 and grew up bluegrass so my music
Taste is pretty vast. Just wanted to say your extremely
Talented Billie and I appreciate your sound ❤️ geplaatst een jaar geleden
PattySonArmy zei …
My Son is in the Army and loves your music. He wants to see u in concert 😁😊 He needs 2 tickets but I looked and up front is wow a lot of money. I wanted to surprise him with tickets in NYC this year. Working on it. LoL geplaatst een jaar geleden
LoveSterlingB zei …
ahhh i got my first medal in FOREVER ♥ geplaatst een jaar geleden
happyclappy commentaar gegeven…
congrats ! een jaar geleden
cxpycat zei …
I love billie so much and shes come so far
being able to sing ocean eyes at the age of 13..... too much talent :')))))))) geplaatst een jaar geleden
Amelia_huron commentaar gegeven…
I love her 😍 toooooooo !!!!!!!!! een jaar geleden
rahulshingtee zei …
I don't know why it took me so time to become a fan of this page cause I've been stanning Billie since the very beginning, so proud to know how far she has come ❤️💞💛 geplaatst een jaar geleden