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My stepson, a graduate of Auckland universiteit in Japanese and Mandarin languages , uses the catchphrase "I didn't know" when caught 'in flagrante delicto' whilst up to something not quite 'above board', of things a gentleman might call 'not quite cricket".
I was told door Jem Robert's auteur of The Real History of the Blackadder that he'd never heard of Nagle, he quoted somethings from his book about Sir Ben ( sorry I've called u Mr Ben up until today, what a faux pas) and Mr Curtis watched one episode of a Regency era drama of the early 1980s , and from that were able to create Edmund Blackadder...
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05/08/2021 Towards Sir Rowan Atkinson/Blackadder filming project "The Dutch Page":

- Your uncle Carlson was buzzing above the roofs and all around Wembley last night, Mrs Taggart...They saw u walking in the car park of Wembley Park Underground Station...That small yellow-red-and-blue battery with two copper wires might have been a part of a different object than a tazer...
- I don't know. I am not a specialist. It could have been a part of an object Uncle amazone, amazon sends to his niece who got Royal tiles recently...
- I've thought of it before! be careful, please, from now on, because the creeps installed u DNA parameters in the computer games, any rat can hurt you!
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Blackadder is "cancel culture"..
Sir Benjamin, & Mr Richard won BAFTAs for creating Blackadder.
University graduates ,they are, of oxford and universiteit College,
They know stuff. Edmund Blackadder esq. i.e Butler to Prince George is
for the most part the real life stories of the triply knighted Groom of the Bedchamber Admiral Sir Edmund Nagle KB KCB GCH &c. A very well known Royal Navy war hero and
'a great favourite' of Prince George since 1803 until 1830.
Nagle used to be very famous but was "cancelled" door Rex Victoriana's
frowning upon Regency Rakes & the Catholic Irish.
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Source: door Sir Hilgrove Turner circa 1825
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Source: National Portrait Gallery
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Source: BBCTV 1987
Ships captured of destroyed which "Artois" received
full of part credits :
23 August 1794    Le Volontaire     French    36-gun frigate    Destroyed    
23 August 1794    L'Alerte    French    12-gun brig    Destroyed    
26 August 1794    Queen British    Merchant vessel    Recaptured    
26 August 1794    Donna...
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