Blaze the Cat Sonaze is my OTP.

Sonaze posted on Dec 28, 2011 at 10:40AM
OTP = One True Pairing.

It has and always will be ever since the awesome game that was Sonic Rush. In the game, I saw them make a connection, especially during and after their battle. When I defeated the extra boss in that game, I became a forever-long Sonaze shipper.

I was upset when Silvaze became popular when that trainwreck of a game that was Sonic the Hedgehog '06 came out. It seemed /very/ forced on SEGA's part.

I don't hate most Silvaze shippers by any means...just the ship itself.


1. Blaze's home dimension is never said to be in the future. Ever.

2. Silver shouldn't be able to have a super form if he's really from Blaze's dimension, considering each time Chaos and Sol Emeralds come in the same dimension both worlds practically end...Nice plot hole there.

3. ...The future was changed. So, why is Silver still here? I have nothing against Silver, but shouldn't he stop existing since the future /that he was born in/ ceased to exist?

That's...mainly it.

Oh, and I've never seen any proof of any other Blaze couplings in the games. Feel free to show me.

Why I adore Sonaze:

1. In Sonic Rush's extra ending, the two of them bid their farewells. He and Blaze shake hands and the two dimensions begin to pull them apart. They're still holding on tightly and Sonic even holds on with his other hand. Then they're finally pulled apart and Blaze is seen reaching for him. (makes a "D'AWW" noise). Blaze's (and the game's) last words are, "I'll see you again, Sonic the Hedgehog."

2. You know the old cliche about "opposites attract"? Yeah. That completely applies here. In Sonic Rush: Adventure, Blaze says that the Chaos and Sol Emeralds (which are "like the North and South poles of a magnet") seem to be bringing them together by fate and Sonic doesn't deny it.

3. In Sonic and the Black Knight, Blaze (her doppelganger if you want to get technical) falls off the edge of a cliff and Sonic quickly runs and saves her. It cuts to Blaze and she's visibly blushing. ("D'AAAAWWW")

Oh, and I've always disliked the Sonamy ship. They call creepy obsession coupled with physical abuse a romance. Like...wut? That's not cute or romantic at all! e^e It's borderline scary! But, I will say: he hasn't called the cops or anything on her yet. I'll give the ship /that/ much.

And SonSal is Archie Comics, not the game-verse.

I'll prepare for the flames now. Feel free to give me some counter-arguments.

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een jaar geleden Sonicgurl5 said…
I completely agree with you.
Sonaze 4ever!!!