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burningblaze31 posted on Mar 29, 2009 at 03:03AM
ok im a huge fan of blaze(think about im on a fan site of her)and on the game sonic 2006 silver story line at the end says she died(some say she does so say she dont)i lean over to the dont side because i have a great theory about how it all went down for her so far here is my theory

In Sonic 06, BLaze and Silver are both from the future. this future is actually an alternate dimension, exsisting parallel to Sonic's present. They are completely identical, the key difference being the age, Silver's universe is nearly 200 years older then Sonic's universe, so if you travel between the dimensions, it appears to be time travel. After the game Blaze is sealed in a different Parallel Universe, Soliaris awakens and destroys Silver and Sonic's dimension, but Blaze's dimension is untouched, and then time resets for the two effected dimension, but Blaze retains her memories. A little while later, Eggman NEGA from the new version of Silver's dimension travels to Sonic's dimension, Silver quickly follows. This continues till Sonic Rivals 2, when Eggman NEGA is sealed in an alternate dimension, with Ifrit. Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles never realise Eggman is actually Eggman NEGA, but Eggman and NEGA do, ofcourse. NEGA using his genius figures out a way to leave the Ifrit dimension, and makes his way to Blaze's world. NEGA decides to team up with Eggman, and put aside their differences. So when NEGA first runs into Sonic, he clearly recognises him, but Sonic still thinking Eggman was behind Rivals 1 and 2, has no idea who he is. Meanwhile, Blaze has been living in her dimension for some time. The locals discover she is a princess, and they quickly become friends. Blaze discovers the Sol Emeralds in this new dimension and collects them all, thus becoming their guardian. When Blaze travels to Sonic's dimension, she knows some about Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds, but not a whole lot. She recognises Sonic's name, but doesn't know anything about him, and doesn't trust him (Maybe she still remembers him as the "Iblis Trigger") She never really knew how to use the Chaos Emeralds, nor how they work, and she lost the ability to use them when she lost her last friend Silver. Then Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure happen.
Ok the only real problem is the Jeweled Scepter being the Royal Family treasure, but since it seperates the two dimensions, its not hard to imagine it traveling between the dimensions.

o and silver and blaze got a sister bother relationship not a lovers relationship and if she did like silver that over now because she will never see him again.

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een jaar geleden Vela-Nova said…
Ooooooooooooooookay. I love Blaze too but don't give yourself a migrane. Here's the thing. THe characters are all the same throughout the games. AND she doesn't die because if you play the Final Story; she is brought back when they go ten years into the past.
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een jaar geleden burningblaze31 said…
yes ten years in the PAST didnt thay have to go to the futuer too and bact to the present. that just means that she is still in another dimension (but not dead)
een jaar geleden Vela-Nova said…
I wonder what dimension she's in? I'm just worried about her appearing in more games. I'm afraid they dumped the character. Because besides Sonic and the Black Knight (a spin-off) she hasn't been in Sonic Chronicles and Sonic Unleashed. I'm worried about the future of the character.
een jaar geleden burningblaze31 said…
well she was in sonic unleashed ( on a buildboard )for the ps3
een jaar geleden Vela-Nova said…
lol. Yeah but I mean actually a playable or at least important character in a main-series game.
een jaar geleden COFblaze said…
wow march 29th it seems like just yesterday.
een jaar geleden DarktheCat56 said…
I wish blaze was playable in sonic unleashed
een jaar geleden MephilesTheDark said…
In Sonic 06, Sonic and Elise went back in time and blew out the flame of young Solaris, erasing everything that happened.

My therory for her appearance in Sonic 06 is this; Sonic and Blaze came from different dimensions in Rush and Rush Adventure, but through some kind of warp (Chaos Control, perhaps?) Blaze ended up in Sonic's world, only several hundred years in the future, where she met up with Silver and became friends with him, and they both wish to save the world from Brother (Iblis). I trick them into believing Sonic is the Iblis Trigger, etc. etc. etc.

But at the end, Sonic and Princess Elise end up blowing out Solaris when we were just a small flame, thus erasing the previous content from history, and Blaze never ended up in Silver's time and world.

All and all, though, both Brother and myself survived. I made sure of that through my control of time.