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Shadowblaze posted on Aug 14, 2009 at 06:42PM
I made this topic about all those whacky theories about Blaze and her background. As I go from one site to the next, the person's opinion is always different. I'm just wondering how those people believe they're right. I thought it was simple to figure out. Blaze is only in her dimension and not Silver's world. Since he didn't bring her along in Sonic Rivals she must not exist in the future. Also Sonic Universe has her in her home dimension. Now here's what I'm seeing:

"Silver's dimension and Blaze's dimension are set in the future."
How? Eggman Nega said that Sonic's and Blaze's dimensions are paralell universes. Nega is apparently the desendant of Robotnik/Eggman, but he could originally be from the future and have gone to Blaze's dimension.

"Blaze is the descendant of Elise, which is why she was depressed in SR"
Of course this was answered with a good "How the **** can a cat be the desendant of a human?"

"Silver lives in an alternate dimension set 200 years in the future."
Not Blaze related, but rediculus. Silver's world and Sonic's world are the same.

"Talents and hobbies.........
(5). A ballerinia."

"at the end of silvers story blaze seals ilibs within her and dissappers into another dimension... meanwile Solaris get reborn and distorys time and space in the past, present and futur. silver comes back to the present WITHOUT blaze to help stop Solaris. they all go super and destory Solaris in each time(past, present, and futur) thus meaning non of the events ever happend...BUT because blaze didnt go back to the futur with silver means only one reason...she in a different dimension that was unharmed by the events of Solaris and reborn(because the past was destoryed) in this new demision. thus making it to where she was from a different dimension."
A long one, but it makes no sense to me. Probably because the author can't spell.

"Sonic 06 happened before Rush"
I thought they made Sonic games in order? And since 06 never happened, we should just ignore it completely, right?

If you find a "fact" or something like that with no proof, you should post it here.

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een jaar geleden Shadowblaze said…
Well what do you think?
een jaar geleden zelda4559 said…
I'm confused
een jaar geleden ChaoFan2 said…
True Silver 200 years to the future. Read Sonicn Universe 6 for THAT proof
een jaar geleden Thundra said…
Blaze is from a parallel universe compared to Sonic's universe and Mobius.
Silver is from distant future.
Even though the events of Sonic 2006 never happened, Silver is still in the later games (Rivals for example), and in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games DS-version's single player campaign, Blaze amd Silver are standing in the same place where they confirm to Mario that Blaze is from another world and Silver from future. I don't know how or why Blaze and Silver first met, but this is it. In Rush Silver's not seen because his debut was in 2006 and in Rush Adventure he's still missing 'cause Sega didn't want to mix him up there too.
een jaar geleden Gemini530 said…
Long Answer but Here's what I think.
-Blaze WAS in Mobius' future, but not as an originaly born citizen. I think that Blaze as a young child had a destiny connected with Solaris(Because of Fire) and was sent to mobius to save It's and the Universes future where Silver was. Then they became friends and fought off Iblis. When she sealed herself away in Iblis, it was probably her destiny connected with her curse of Fire. But when Sonic and Elise blew out the candle to Iblis' light, her destiny was rewritten and she never went to the future of Mobius in the first place. Thus not "knowing" Silver. With the Sonic Rush thing I think she met Sonic after the Iblis thing because that was why she was in her world, because she was'nt sent to Future mobius to help Silver. That's also why she thought "blue hedgehog" was familiar, because she knew him from an alternate timeline.
- Now she is where she belongs in her dimension and protecting the sol emeralds and her people. One more thing is that, like elise and Sonic, Blaze and Silver might remember each other because of the alternate timeline thing.
een jaar geleden BlazeTheCatFan said…
Have you seen : Silver`s Story part 4 finale. If you havent look it up on youtube. and for those who have seen it... Do you know if Blaze Will return from her sacrifice of taking Iblis? I hope she does...
Im her number 1 Fan I tell you!!!!!
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een jaar geleden coco05 said…
yes she does silver saves her isnt that sweet?
een jaar geleden FireKitty101 said…
@BlazeTheCatFan: Really? awww that is nice

een jaar geleden FireKitty101 said…
*hugs BlazeTheCatFan*