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it's a love.

You're a bitch. You're a bitch. I'm sick of your shit.
You're a dick. You're a dick. u think your words are so slick.
You can't get it right, always gotta be a fight. You're hart-, hart is my pinata so syonara.

I just wanna go out tonight. I'm too tired to put up a fight.
I just wanna go out tonight. The best part of fighting is the make-up sex.

Miss Bipolar ultimate controller, manipulator, instigator. Miss Bipolar ultimate controller perpetrator see u later.

Left my hart-, hart broken and sore. u say u love me (I love you) then u shove me...
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ou're attractive, little witch, you're beautiful (beautiful)
Your wickedness, little witch, it broke my hart-, hart (I broke your heart)
Intruding words, little witch, u cast a spell (I cast my spell)
Masked destroyer, little witch, my beautiful apocalypse

You've got me bewitched 'cause I'm under your spell, oh-ooh
You must be a witch 'cause I am living in hell, oh-ooh

Now is the time, now is the hour
I am the magic, I am the power, oh
All I need is one ster in the sky
Wish for u every night

I tricked u to fall in love, little boy
I played with u till I was done, like a toy
Your hart-, hart in love, as I destroy...
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intro:Take my cuffs off plz dnt be afraid
I only want to decorate the walls with your brains!

Ch:One meer time!
For the broken hearted
Two meer times!
For my dearly departed
Three times more!
Cupids comein for you
Gunna Gunna Get You

V1:I look at u and what i see
is how much I hate u when u breathe
A love wreath sits around your neck
It started in love- ended in- DEATH
Chorus intro:Your pretty eyes are in a daze

No expression on your face
No screaming
No freaking
Just u pleading
Oh my god
I think shes BLEEDING!
(Repeat Chorus)

V2: u got blood on my favoriete shirt
F*C* B*T*H I'll make u hurt
Girl u got something that u deserved
Your spot in hell just got reserved

I gave u my life
So im takein yours
and im gunna F*C* all your vrienden on tour
Only mistake

(Repeat Chorus)

1-2-3-4 go grab your chainsaw
5-6-7-8 ????
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blood on the dance floor
She's melting
She's melting
O! o! o! she licked me like I'm ice cream

Dipper with my dipper
We be drinking up the liquiour
Party like lit's yo birthday
Shake it like an earthquake
Melting like an ice cream cone
Going for his danger zone
Go and suck my lollipopSugar sweet kers-, cherry topped
Fur shure fit
To legit
Hot spot
Twirk it b! tch
Strip it down
Work it up
Baby let me
Fill your cups
O to the m to the geeeee
Sticky messy
Taste my treat
But I love it when you
Scream for my ice cream
Tell me all your dirty dreams
Scream for my ice cream
Well toon me what's your fantasies
Lets get this party started!
Drink till we get...
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