Book to Screen Adaptations What was wrong with Ella Enchanted?

snoznoodle posted on Sep 06, 2008 at 03:53AM
I've never read the book but it used to be one of my favourite movies. I've heard that fans of the book hated the movie. I'm just curious, what was wrong with it? I don't know if I want to read the book because I'd probably end up hating the movie too lol.

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een jaar geleden cressida said…
I actually never watched the movie because it looked horrible but LOVE LOVE LOVE the book. From what I hear from people who did unfortunately watch the movie was that there were unnecessary additions to the movie (a wicked uncle that was never in the book) and just that Anne Hathaway did not capture the true rebellious essence of Ella. But using that stop-motion feature of the Matrix looked bad (I saw that in the trailer).

Honestly though, you should read the book. It is fantastic!
een jaar geleden Dearheart said…
I saw the movie before I read the book and well...the movie WAS funny and had some cute things in it, but compared to the book, it was very shallow. The book had such beautiful depth and richness and poignancy to it that the movie sacrificed for the sake of shallow humor, mildly catchy songs and modern quirks.

As someone who treasures a good book, I am a bit disappointed in the movie. However, as someone who saw the movie first and didn't KNOW there was a book until later, I will say that the movie is very cute and makes a good stand-alone.

It's just that when you've been spoiled by the marvelous book, the movie pales tremendously in comparison. I still enjoy the movie to an extent, but the book far surpasses ANYTHING those stupid movie people came up with. Read Ella Enchanted for yourself and you'll see exactly what I mean. (Seriously, go read it. It'll do you a world of good.)
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