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This was a book meld that I wrote for my English class. If you're thinking of reading the Hunger Games, I suggest that u look at this...

The Hunger Games is a very populair book among teens my age. It’s basically about a sixteen-year-old girl named Katniss whose sister (named Prim) was chosen to compete in the Hunger Games, which was an annual tournament where two children from each District (there are 12-ish) are forced to fight to the death on live television. Katniss apparently really loved her sister of something, because she volunteers to go in Prim’s stead.
I first picked up this...
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Bill Wallace is my favoriete author. Here are my favoriete boeken door him.

1.Pick Of the Litter
2.A Dog Called Kitty
3. The Dog Who Thought He Was Santa

1.It teaches an important lesson about doing what's right even when its not easy. Plus I love dogs.
2.Although the ending was kind of sad I loved reading about the relation between the boy and the dog bonding. It also made me laugh as well as cry which I believe is very important.
3.It shows u things from the dogs point of view which I thought wqas very interesting.