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Source: Love never grows old when you're together
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I was looking around Google zoek trying to find her goodbye video and I stumbled upon A Youtube channel that had something to do with her goodbye video and I went threw the users activities and found her video!
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hallo guys today this one is really going to be about me and Caleb because I really miss him so it is really bad because he never really knew me so back to the point I am one of the 5 million subscribers I subscribed after Caleb died and then it was Hayley and me then after that it was annie and me so that is all I have to say today. so that is what I have to say about them now on to gymnastics I do gymnastics I can do a pullover a cartwheel a fronttuck a backtuck a knee to front tuck a double front tuck oh and a full twist back tuck a back handspring a front handspring a presshandstand a bounder and I can sing really good but since u cannot hear me I will not wright down one of my song well until volgende time bye
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