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posted by Shadowlover2011
Here are Brianna's Theme Songs!!!
1: "Sexy Back" door Justin Timberlake (Cuz she's sexy! XD
2: "U + Ur Hand" door P!nk
3: "Stupid Girls" door P!nk
4: "'Cuz I Can" door P!nk
5: "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" door Lady GaGa
6: "OMG" door Usher/ feat. Will.I.Am
7: That new Britney Spears song XD (IDK wat it is but it goes ♪I cant take it, take it, take no more, never felt like, felt like this before♪)(Its weird cuz i dont like Britney Spears XD)
8: "Take it Off" door Ke$ha
9: "Blow" door Ke$ha
10: That other Usher Song... the newest one... XD

u guys should look up these songs cuz they r AWESOME!!! ^-^ (But the Ke$ha and Lady Gaga muziek videos may be a little...... weird... XD)
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No, she is NOT an extermenator! Every time she sees a bug, she kills it WITH a shoe! :D Now then,




. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .

jkghyuuf ujhghd gdhrv ffhxnvh ghfvgsb grv ynsvf ghgvhk

. . .
. . .
*Looks up*


. . .
. . .

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! 1,000,000,000 BUGS ARE HOVERING ABOVE ME!!!!! *Ducks and puts hands over head* THEYRE GONNA EAT ME ALIVE!!!!!!!! DX

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posted by Shadowlover2011
BRIANNA IS NOT A vos, fox ANYMORE!!!! She is a hedgehog now!!!!!!! I shalll tell u about her:
Age: 18 (never ages after 18, 80 million yrs alive)
Height: 3ft.3in.
Species: Half hedgehog/ Half demon
Likes:Shadow(Her best-friend, soon to be be boyfriend), Mephiles, Silver, killing, manipulating people, Tails, Cream, Rap, Pop, Hip-Hop
Dislikes: Sonic(Her Ex-boyfriend), Amy(Her rival), Rouge, Dr. Eggman
Alignment: Evil (Sometimes Neutral)
Powers: SOOOO MANY! XD Demon Transformation and Super Transformation are TWO of them. XD
I'll post a pic later! :D
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posted by Shadowlover2011
Name: Brianna
Age: 18 (ages every 1,000yrs., 18,000yrs. alive)
Species: Fox
Likes: Shadow(Her boyfriend), Fiona(Her Sister-in-law), Sonic(Her cousin in law), etc.
Dislikes: Amy, Rouge, Dr. Eggman, Blaze, Rock
Alignment: Neutral(She STILL cusses like normal)
Trademarks(Or whatever the word is): Flirty, Witty(Funny, I think), Artistic
Weapons: Anything she can find that can damage anybody phsyically. XD
Powers: Telikeneisis & Phisykeneisis combined (I think Phsycokeneisis is freaky. XD)
Other: She was born in a desert in Mobious as a Princess and EVERY guy is CRAZY for her but the only one she likes is Shadow!

And shes HOT but when i make her on a COMPUTER she looks UGLY but when i draw her on PAPER, it looks like SEGA made it! XD (Im good ON PAPER)

Thats All! ^-^

~Shadowlover2011 :)
One dag at Brianna's house Brianna and Musa were fighting over a bag of chips (As usual XD). Brianna used her long vos, fox tail to sweep Musa off her feet and Musa fell flat on her butt.
Musa: OW! >:(
Brianna: *Holding Doritos* HA! u can NEVER beat me! >:)
Musa: It ain't fair cause you're TALLER and OLDER than me!
Brianna: Blah blah blah I cant help it if you're 14 and im 18 and im 3ft.3 and you're like, a
2ft. 8! >:(
Musa: *Mimmicks Brianna* Meme mee me me moo moo! >:(
Brianna: *Eyes turn red(Death Glare)* Grr.... SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! >:(
Musa: Meep! .___.
Just then, Brianna & Shadow's...
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